Version 10. 07.xx


By default, the 64 bit version will be be suggested for new installation. Refer to the key difference between 32 and 64 bit, especially how to quickly align your pick-your-seat maps

TM will begin guiding users through the migration process (per the Nov 1, 2018 edition of Three Thought Thursday).

Messages will appear at login if:

The goal is to complete the process by January 1, 2019.
Theatre Manager 32 bit will continue to run after January 1, 2019 (it will not stop working). If you need time to deal with some 32 bit machines, please let us know and we will assess what that means.


Version 124 (Dec 17, 2018)

  • Added some new search features and improved existing ones on the patron marketing record to allow searching across data records for:
    • Tags for Patrons - now supports unlimited tags
    • Belongs to Mail Lists - now supports unlimited mail lists per patron
    • Bought or Rented Resources - new feature to allow searching for people who have (or have not) purchased one or more resources in the past
    • Bought Passes or Gift Certificates - new feature to allow searching for people who have (or have not) purchased multiple types of passes, gift certificates or memberships
    • Bought Tickets to Performances - new feature to allow searching for people who have (or have not) purchased tickets to specific performances. You might use this to find people who purchased to opening night, for example
    • Bought Tickets to Plays/Events - enhanced feature to allow searching for people who have (or have not) purchased tickets to specific plays, regardless of performances
    • Donated to Campaigns - new feature to allow searching for people who have (or have not) donated to specific donation campaigns.
    • Able to work volunteer positions - new feature to allow searching for patrons who have (or have not) signed up for specific job activities
    Note: these features are more powerful and may make it easier to do some reporting on patrons without needing to access a mail list - and/or will help make building mail lists easier across different types of data. Example: it would be easier to find people who donated to individual and capital campaigns that have tickets for opening night or preview and do not volunteer at all.
  • Dragging seats when editing 64 bit maps on Macintosh now shows the drag outline. This removes one of the differences between 32 and 64 bit
  • Remove the serif font from the sat maps on windows and return them to the standard font from 32 bit version of windows
  • Introduces a workaround to try re-enable toolbars on 64 bit Mac that sometimes disable.
  • Fixes an issue with emailing PDF tickets from the box office to a person other than the owner of the tickets. Previously it might show as an email that could not be sent because the document PDF) could not be created
  • Added an optional feature on the Director to enable running 64 bit TM on the TM Server. It is only mandatory for OSX Mojave. It can be tested on any other 64 bit OS if desired to see if your machines are compatible
  • Added support for the new PCI requirement for Union Pay card type (per the PCI council - these are cards that start with 81)
  • Added support for NACHA file format for EFT - typically used in the states


Version 122 (Nov 21, 2018)

  • Relaxed a rule on startup and migrating to 64 bit -- if the user is running on windows 7 (64 bit), TM will suggest migrating to the 64 bit version of Theatre Manager.
  • Fixed an issue running a report a second time that has no record found the first time - affected 64 bit only.
  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Theatre Manager continues the process of guiding people to 64 bit. You will see notes at startup for the next step to take on each workstation.

Version 10.07.121 (Nov 20, 2018)

  • Fix an issue where selling ticket or updating some windows might cause the lists in dependant windows to show the same data twice.
  • Fix an issue where the base font for emailing invoices or tickets was not set on windows version of TM (64 bit only).

Version 10.07.120 (Nov 18, 2018)

  • Minor enhancements for 64 bit version and tracking settings for SVG->Pick your seat map conversion.

Version 10.07.119 (Nov 14, 2018)

  • We've built a quick way to:

    This should make it quick to align the seats and the background as you convert to 64 bit Theatre Manager. Once you've done the map on one computer, it is good for all machines.

  • Clearing the web server cache in Company Preferences->Director tab will now clear any cached pages in the TM servers. This can be helpful if you've just made a page change and can't see it reflected online.

Version 10.07.118 (Nov 12, 2018)

  • Minor change to improve recognition OS for 2012 and 2016 server when running 32 bit TM - to invite them to update easily
  • Minor change to 64 bit Mac installer

Version 10.07.117 (Nov 12, 2018)

  • Added a feature to 64 bit version that shows thumbnails of report pages in the report. In addition:
    • You can use the thumbnails to scroll to any page you want
    • The thumbnails can be hidden or shown in the context menuM/li>
    • You can zoom in or out on the preview. This contrasts to earlier versions of TM where the report always fit to page and was dependant on the window size - this is no longer
  • Improve performance of the utility report that verifies order/transaction balances
  • Added workers jobs to remove outdated cart information that is only needed at point of checkout. This is to help manager the size of the database where the data is no longer needed. It might cause some sites to report a smaller size database in the next backup
  • Fixed an issue with the default web page templates for print at home tickets. The note to 'please print and bring e-tickets to the venue' now prints across the page instead of in a column
  • Make access to a post dated payment list more accessible by:

Version 10.07.116 (Oct 4, 2018)

  • Disabled verification of email addresses via MX record lookup (mail box lookup) for a patrons email address in 64 bit Theatre Manager for OSX. This feature may be restored at a later date.
  • Add GL export format for HTE Accounting Software
  • Added EFT support for credit unions in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, per request.
  • Try to predict the number of $ average/admission passes to suggest to the user during pass redemption based on any specified limits per performance or event, if applicable.
  • Address an issue with making payments on the ticket window using the 'Tickets' button. It is now limited to paying one payment per order. Using the context menu will still allow one payment across multiple orders.

Version 10.07.115 (Oct 3, 2018)

  • Addressed an issue exporting data to excel. The second time the export was done for the same set of data - and new columns were added, the additional columns would have empty titles. This is fixed.
  • Separated the icon and transaction type on the transaction window so that the list can now be exported in XLSX format. Excel's XLSX format does not seem to like TM's icons, whereas the XLS format accepts them.

Version 10.07.114 (Sep 21, 2018)

  • Fix an issue with 64 bit mac beta that caused an SQL error after merging records together
  • Fix an issue in the donor audit trail report if you pulled in criteria from a saved query that included a search by order field

Version 10.07.113 (Sep 15, 2018)

  • Added a feature to the Invoice report on the Order & Fee tab to specify that each line item should include tax in the price displayed (rather than exclude tax)
  • Added the number of ticket scanned for the performance to the quick revenue report and to the event setup Revenue Tab
  • Exporting data now includes the employee's security access to the specific records before allowing it to be exported. For example: If an employee is not allowed to see a specific donation, it cannot be exported or reported anymore.
  • List of employees in pop-up's is now sorted alphabetically by last name

Version 10.07.112 (Sep 5, 2018)

  • Added a feature to select multiple plugins on the list of plugins and enable or disable them from the context menu. It makes it easier than enabling or disabling one at a time.
  • Fix a small issue in 64-bit TM when remembering the last used directory. It caused some issues exporting data from the Theatre Map window the second time it was attempted after logging in. It may also have fixed some issues saving PDF's and other files.

Version 10.07.111 (Sep 3, 2018)

  • Allow some audit logs for pricing/promotions to appear in the employee audit log in addition to the current places that logs can be viewed.
  • Improve some audit logs by adding in the employee's patron number so that the logs can be seen under the employee's Task Tab in the Patron Record.
  • Added EFT format for Central 1 - Credit Union Alberta to the Merchant Account setup.
  • Changes to the facility management email set up in company preferences to allow iMap servers for incoming email
  • Add ticket icons to the Unprint Batch of Tickets- similar to those in the patron window
  • The Quick Find feature can now search transaction for text of interest.
    • This may help searching for employees that you are sure are in the database but cannot find. It most likely will highlight that the patron is there - but has been merged with another patron of a different name
    • It can also show some of the audit transactions where a patron has changed some of their information online - as per the image
    • You many need to edit your Employee Quick Find Preferences in the Search in options -- and click Transactions checkbox.


Version 10.07.108 (Aug 17, 2018)

  • Finally identified and corrected the issue that was shredding credit cards (unless they were used in post dated payments or recurring donations). This only affecte venues set up as schedule 'D' compliance with unlimited credit card retention.
    If this describes your venue, set aside the last backup you have prior to August 8th, 8:00am eastern time (Monday morning. We will recover those past cards as time permits and wish us to do so.

    Effectively, the main effect is that refunding to a credit card on file - will need you to ask the patron for the card to proceed.

  • Fix a small issue with selling a performance online set up to only accept specific credit card types. While the web only shows the acceptable cards, the use could enter any other card you normally accept. this is no longer the case.
  • Disabling a plugin will no longer cause it to be run at the payment window
  • Fixed an issue if using Office 365 as your mailing server and sending out meeting invitations from the Facility Management module. It did not recognize when Microsoft's server were rate limiting emails. (If you are using Office 365 or Google Mail servers, your traffic is rate limited by those providers. We recommend using something like mailgun which is far more industrial strength.


Version 10.07.104 (Aug 12, 2018)

  • The subscribe button for online calendars should now open your preferred calendar on your local machine in more situations - which reduces the steps required by a patron to subscribe to the calendar.
  • Calendars are now in UTC format - making them more likely to be timezone aware in outlook
  • Fixed an issue when batch printing tickets. There was a condition where fractionally priced tickets whose base price contained a 3rd decimal place -- might be printed if the criteria was 'fully paid tickets'
  • Address a potential out of balance problem in EOD that could arise at venues who have been using Theatre Manager decades (prior to the introduction of Version 7). The venue is simply missing a year end consolidated entry from more than a decade ago which just became apparent when the year-end-rollover process was made re-runable a few months ago
  • Update the backup process in TM Server to support Postgres 10.5 and provide Yosemite compatibility

Version 10.07.102 (Aug 2, 2018)

  • Added the notion of a template performance. In the past, any performance could be duplicated at sales time to create a new performance. This feature was most often used for Traveling Troupe sales - but could also be used for courses or specialty items like Pilates sessions. Now, you can mark a performance as a template. In the template state, it cannot be sold, but it can be duplicated to make a new one .. which can then be sold.
  • The performance setup window has been reorganized due to the addition of the above feature - with the view to better organize all of the options
  • Fixed an issue in 64 bit OSX - it now supports opening a document that is stored in the database as part of a task. The issue was that documents already in the database were stored with HFS pathnames that needed converted to POSIX pathnames - which is what OSX now understands.

Version 10.07.101 (July 16, 2018)

  • Add a feature to order fees to limit fee applicability based on individual base price of the item. This can be applied to ticket sales, donations or passes/gift certificates. The purpose is so that a non-refundable order fee can be set up based on various ticket price ranges. You could have a different fee for $35 tickets compared to $95 tickets.
  • Add more edit checks when trying to reduce the number of seats in a pricing map that may have been duplicates from another map. Theatre Manager verifies that none of the seats being removed have ever been sold. If that is true, the seats and all other data is removed. If a seat slated for removal has been sold at any time in the past, the capacity cannot be reduced to be less than the highest numbered seat that was sold

Version 10.07.99 (Jul 11, 2018)

  • Add ability to download either 32 or 64 bit Theatre Manager, depending on platform as part of the 64 bit beta test.

    Currently there is only a Mac 64 bit version as well as the current 32 bit mac and windows versions. A windows 64 bit version is expected soon

  • Address some possibilities of inactivity time out in cases where user is is only clicking between tabs or clicking on rows in lists. Each of these not sets the activity flag more frequently - so fewer logoff timeouts should occur
  • Fix a rare SQL error is the data updated on a cache record is non-existent

Version 10.07.98 (Jul 4, 2018)

  • Add support for Ontario's primary/secondary ticket market laws. Since TM is designed around and only implemented a primary ticket sellers, a feature has been added to specify what components of the overall price goes into the 'face value' of the ticket.
    • The content is set up in Company Preferences->Ticket Options
    • For e-tickets, the display of the face value is enabled in the Web Options Tab. if set, then print at home tickets and web carts will automatically show the face value along with final price.
    • There is a new ticket face calculation that calculates the Face Value for the ticket face prior to printing it. To access it:
      • add a new calculation to the ticket face
      • Select Ticket Information as the category
      • Select Sale Price (using Face Value calculation) to insert the field into the ticket face
      • Place the face value field where you want it on the ticket and save
      • Make sure to test your ticket
      • Repeat for all affected tickets.

TM Server 0.100.22 (Jun 18, 2018)

  • Automatically update the merchant authoprization URL for Elavon to as requested by Elavon for TSL 1.2 connection. Should you be unable to process credit cards after the change to the URL, please download and re-install Theatre Manager on any windows machine that cannot process cards. This installs the latest OpenSSL
  • Reveal now has auto-save when leaving the configuration window. just a note: this may provide some oddly stated messages - which are controlled by the browser.
  • Address an issue where a person buying online might be unable to log in if the box office merged the patron contact information at the same time that the patron was trying to pay for their shopping cart online and had just finished entering their card data.
  • Fix to allow I.E 11 to see the event calendar online, rather than downloading it as a JSON attachment
  • Improvements to caching of calendars by NGINX server for better performance.
  • Passes purchased online that are defaulted to a future fiscal year -- will now have the correct fiscal year reflected in the pass/gift certificate data.
  • Passes that are for a future fiscal year and that cannot be used earlier - which appear online, but cannot be used to pay for items - as intended.

Version 10.07.97 (Jun 15, 2018)

  • Add some extra validation for donations in a shopping cart that might not have a donor sort name or tax receipt name because of how the donor name was generated. This could have caused a checkout issue. Now, TM will force a value into the fields to ensure the cart checks out successfully. The particular set of conditions affected a very very small percentage of carts (about 0.01%).
  • Add support to complete cart checkout for those carts with donations in error (described above) through the cart detail window

Version 10.07.96 (Jun 11, 2018)

  • Added a new export field called 'All Phone Numbers' -- which lets you gain access to all phone numbers in any export (not just the primary phone or fax). These are placed into an excel spreadsheet as per the image to the right. The primary phone is marked with a '*'
  • Improved the speed of the mail list Telemarketing Report about 2 to 3 times.
  • Improved feature to get all upcoming events so that you can subscribe to or download the calendar. This is an example from to see what one might look like.
  • Added capability for box office to checkout incomplete carts that have general admission tickets in them under certain conditions. Previously, only reserved tickets could be force completed if they were not checked out due to a problem with the cart checkout process.
  • Fix an issue getting tax free status of patron prior to selling tickets at the box office -- if it was just changed prior to selling the ticket
  • Updated the default URL for Elavon credit card processing for sites converting to Elavon. This will get automatically updated in a future release of TM after a short burn in period. This is per Elavon's request to convert peoples URL's.

Version 10.07.95 (Jun 3, 2018)

  • Multiple Price codes on the Event Setup->Price Code tab may now be selected and enabled or disabled at one time using a context menu
  • On the same Event Setup->Price Code tab, you can use a context mene to delete unwanted price codes. They can only be deleted if:
    • They are inactive price codes (use the context menu to disable them
    • They are not referenced in the valid price codes in the pricing map for the performance
    • The price code is not associated with any currently ticket for the performance
  • Minor performance improvement opening and editing a price code.

Version 10.07.94 (May 29, 2018)

  • Add an option to specify if the calendar should be added to a web confirmation email for ticket purchases - as an ICS attachment to the email. It seems that some SMTP servers might not support it.
  • Improve the hold/release behaviour on associated seats - if you book an associated seat manually after the original was booked, it will no longer go back on hold if you release it, since you have manually take over its behaviour

Version 10.07.93 (May 27, 2018)

  • TM Web Server Changes
    • Added a My Upcoming Events calendar feature that allows patron to view their upcoming events online in calendar format (month/week/day). The patron can also subscribe to this calendar so that their events can always be seen in any number of their personal calendars. Eg: they can get the calendar link from the web site and put it into tools like:
      • iCal, Daylite or outlook on their mac
      • Calendar on their phone or iPad
      • Outlook on Windows and/or
      • and calendar that can subscriber to a caldav server
    • Added a My Upcoming Activities calendar feature for upcoming volunteer/staff activities. This can also be subscribed to by the patron as above.
    These can be accessed from the Home screen when signed in. The 'My Event' calendar is also presented on the web checkout page and the confirmation email.

  • Allow filtering inactive pricing maps on the pricing map screen so that they do not show by default

Version 10.07.92 (May 22, 2018)

  • Fix issue with dragging criteria groups on the mail list criteria window - they should now stay consistent and all lines moved with each group
  • Added a merge ticket face feature for those that have old ticket faces and want them to all be consolidated so that they can't be used by mistake.
  • Minor performance improvements when transferring tickets from one event to another from the attendance tab on play setup
  • Tweak to the 64 bit version on OSX to avoid potential crash in some situations

Version 10.07.91 (May 14, 2018)

  • Making a recurring donation template from an existing donation will now automatically mark the existing donation as being part of the recurring donation stream.
  • Added a list and detail window to show the json code behind system reveal widgets.. it is start of process to allow defining of your own.

Version 10.07.90 (May 1, 2018)

  • Ability to create recurring donation templates that never end. The donation is marked as recurring (with a frequency) and a new donation/order/payment is created when running end of day deposits at the appropriate time.

Version 10.07.89 (Apr 25, 2018)

  • Add a feature that allows pairing associated seats for the sale process. The primary purpose of this feature is that when at least one of the associated seats is sold, then all others are permanently held, preventing sale. This will most likely useful when selling:
    • an ADA seat and a companion seat automatically gets held -or-
    • an odd number of seats in a dinner theatre arrangement where you don't want the rest of the seats at a table to be available for sale to anybody if only some of them are sold
  • Fix zoom in/out on graphic maps using when using context menus
  • Enable the align seats in context menus when building a map
  • Fix issue with patron widow when selling tickets and the patron has VIP mail lists - which would keep bringing the patron widow to the forefront un-neccessarily
  • Address an issue voiding payments accepted through Moneris Hosted Payment Pages where Moneris could arbitrarily change the order-id that was sent to it by TM (in some cases). TM now tracks those arbitrary changes and retains what Moneris has changed it to.

Version 10.07.88 (Apr 20, 2018)

  • Added feature to move backups taken by TM server to a remote site.
  • Ensure employees can only log in if all employee data is consistent - prevents an issue where very eold employee records might be in a state where the preference record could not be found.

Version 10.07.87 (April 16, 2018)

  • Fix an error message with splitting a person out of a household

Version 10.07.86 (Apr 14, 2018)

  • Add the ability to display a countdown timer in web sales while the cart it active.
    • This is a checkbox in Company Preferences->Web Options tab and shows on the menu. A venue that has over-ridden tmTemplates/tmNavButtons.html will need to add the feature into their customized web page if they wish to see it.
    • We suggest venues using Moneris hosted payment page implement this since Moneris' 60 minute timeout is independent of TM's timeout.
  • Added Microcom ticket printer as a supported device with QR code printing capability. This may also work with some boca printers. Practical Automation QR code printing support may be coming to new printers in the near future (We are discussion this with them)
  • Soft Credits donations will now appear in 'green' on the donation tab
  • Improve performance of a number of donor reports
  • Change the tooltip on tickets that are in a cart to calculate when they will be released based on the cart status - so ticket hold in open carts will always show the release time in the future.

Version 10.07.83 (March 19, 2018)

  • Fix the format that the time probe returns a timestamp for old scanners. it is now yyyymmdd HHMMSS again.

Version 10.07.82 (March 18, 2018)

  • Added a default to employee preferences to specify the tab you would like the bottom of the patron window to open at
  • Added some defaults to the employee preferences to set the default task type, duration, completion status and initial security when creating a new task
  • Fix an issue in form letter merging for the marketing data when using memberships/passes as the source, and not consolidating the letter when the same patron has multiple records. TM now gets all marketing data in a better way.
  • Minor change to swiping membership card to set the control number/password from the card info
  • Batch printing of tickets now:
    • Shows the sort order of the tickets on the message, prior to printing
    • Adds sort by door to the section/row/seat -- so that any venue using door field in their map setup for entrance/front of house management will see the tickets sorted appropriately
    • If you print tickets from the patron window and hold the option key when you print, the same dialog for match printing appears. However, it now grabs the last sort order you use for batch ticket printing and uses that to sort your selected tickets. Otherwise, the tickets are printed in the same order as displayed on the screen
    • Gift certificates can now be set so that their usage can be deferred as much as 18 months.. In other words, if bought now (and able to change the start date), you can push that out 18 months so that the certificate or pass cannot be used for a while

Version 10.07.81 (March 11, 2018)

  • Company on the patron record has been increased to 100 characters (from 60) per request. In most cases, this should present no problem. For really long company names printed in ticket faces, they may need to be truncated
  • Significant enhancement to Moneris Hosted Payment Page. We have seen the odd situation where a user could manipulate their browser and cause two authorizations. The scenarios we've seen that could cause it are:
    • On a tablet, the user back swipes to the the Moneris Hosted Payment page after authorization and does it again - resulting in two charges to a card.
    • The user enters an invalid CVV2 number and attempts an authorization. Moneris somehow sends that to TM with card data, so we interpret it as authorized .. and then the patrons provides the correct CVV2 and resends the authorization.
    The TM server will now:
    • record all messages send from Moneris and if it results in multiple authorizations, TM will now overpay the order.
    • This makes it easier to void a payment from TM to keep TM and Moneris in balance
    • The cart will show the overpayment and the status of checkout processing error so that they can be found by the box office. The Cart Display now shows if there multiple payments on the order
  • Cart logs have a small enhancement to the display to show:
    • Authorization status messages in green to make hem easier to see
    • Error status messages in red - such as an attempt for a duplicate payment or a missing web page
    • Warning messages in magenta - such as startup messages from TM server
  • Shopping Cart list has icons that show additional information about carts. The changes are:
    • Active carts show icons that illustrate at a glance what is currently in the cart. This includes tickets, fees, passes/GC's, coupons, & subscriptions. Once the cart has checked out, these icons are no longer displayed
    • Patrons what owe you money as part fo the cart total are displayed in Red
    • Patrons that overpaid the cart are displayed in Blue. This will assist with showing people who Moneris might have told TM were charged multiple times with hosted payment page
    • Carts that did not checkout properly are more clearly marked
    • Carts that are in the process of being checked out have a bullet beside them. This status should only appear for a short time - so any carts with this status permanently need to be investigated. This is the same as before, its just more visible
  • Revision to the 4 per page donations receipts to add in all the information required by Revenue Canada for donations. They will print:
    • non-receiptable benefits properly, including the amount to deduct
    • the company address under the logo on the donation receipt, if requested
    • the venue's charitable number
    • a larger space for comments.
    For those with custom forms, be aware that all data is printed down the right side of the donation receipt.
  • Fix an issue on the event window where an invalid mail list could be set in the marketing tab. If that existed, it could affect the final checkout of an event, since it was trying to add a non-existent mail list to the patron. Both situations have been corrected.

Version 10.07.80 (March 10, 2018)

Version 10.07.79 (March 9 2018)

  • Fix display of taxes on the event pricing window

Version 10.07.77 (March 6, 2018)

  • Fix the windows title on windows machines to show if the database is a ** Training Database **, if it is one.

Version 10.07.76 (March 2, 2018)

  • The Director:
    • Has been updated from Bootstrap 3 to bootstrap 4 - a newer version of responsive page foundation.
    • Now has confirmation dialogs when you try to restart services -- to make sure that you really want to restart services that could affect serving web requests.
    • Can create a backup schedule by making a change within System Preferences->Backup Tab. This will soon replace the backup scripts since they should be immune to user/password changes to the service account on windows.

      If backup directory is configured in TM server, you can also:

    • There are updates to Reveal, most noticeably:
      • There are a number of graphs that now allow you to use criteria to change the data that is being displayed. For example, some let you adjust the length of time for the data or the specific events or donation campaigns you want to show. It might let you show totals for two different season subscriptions, for example.
      • the non-applicable axis is dimmed when you are moving your mouse over portions of a chart to make it more obvious which scale refers to the selected graph
  • Theatre Manager Desktop
    • Fix some pricing issues when a person who is tax exempt buys online and the sales promotion that is used for the sale has final prince rounding in it. The change will ensure that the right price is charged and that end of day transactions will balance.
    • There is a new feature for pick your own seats that allows single seats to be left when picking seats online
      • The only caveat is that you cannot leave a single within the range of seats you are picking.
      • This can be set per performance -- and defaults to off (i.e. no singles can be left at any time)
    • ttt

Version 10.07.75 (Feb 24, 2018)

  • Add Birthday to list of people who are on a mail list
  • Enhance Coupon Codes that provide a one time discount to check the restricted performance list. If the coupon is restricted to certain performances, the fee will only be applied if the patron has added that performance.
  • Add patron contact info button to the manage pending email window so that patron emails can easily be changed.

Version 10.07.73 (Feb 17, 2018)

  • Managed Sales Process
    • Added a new fee location to the lower left of the fee edit window. In the case of a managed sale where the staff member/volunteer is adding a patron to a course via the Managed Sales process using the web site -- you can indicate if the fee should be applied in that circumstance.
  • Security Access Groups are defined in Code Tables. If the data record can be see by a group that the employee is party to, then they can see the data. Otherwise the data is hidden. This has implications as to what can be seen in setup of this data, and may also when the data can be used.

    Add security level access to:

  • Fix an issue on the deposit detail report so that it prints authorization codes and CC company reference numbers when they contain alphabetic characters
  • Add capability to search the database by patron profile level (full patron/partial patron). This could assist venues to better manage patrons for those that have decided to allow limited profile login for patrons on the web (i.e. buy with out making a full account)
  • Add a specified JPEG size on the theatre map setup so that SVG maps can be constrained in size. This feature is in preparation for the 64 bit version of Theatre Manager
  • Improve the speed of the payment allocation by play and royalty revenue reports, sometimes significantly if more data is requested
  • Add governor process to searching of patrons. A user can no longer search for all patrons in the database by patron name by leaving the patron name search blank. On large databases, this could take a long time and slow the database down if many such searches were submitted. If a user still wants all patrons in the database, then search using '%" which is a wildcard for everything.
  • Institute limitations for searching for all patrons by phone number, address, city, etc, in sam manner as the name search limitation above. In other words, you need to search for something. Reports are not affected.
  • Fix an issue on the transaction reports so that auth# and merchant ref# will be displayed for payment transactions, if one is available.
  • the Tag entry area has been reorganized slightly to allow more space on the window

Version 10.07.66 (Jan 20, 2018)

  • Sales Rules
  • Fix an issue on the house report to show order balance due on the last line of the report, if one is owing -- even if there are no notes.

Version 10.07.65 (Jan 17, 2018)

  • Add feature to display any plugin data used to calculate some key values that caused items to change price in a cart or order. This is a new feature -- and requires changes to the plugin to see the data. Almost all plugins do not support this feature to show key parameters
  • Fix context menu to select email recipient of tickets from the payment window
  • Updates to support feature option for combo subscription packages online - it allows pre-positioning the series code for the follow on/secondary package
  • Add validation of events for custom subscription packages when processing a new subscription
  • Add a workaround for creating GL entries for Deposits where all the payments are worth nothing. This can only happen if items are paid for with free passes. Its a rare case where no mony is take in a deposit - so this detects and creates GL entries to ensure the GL entry can be posted.
  • Fix the display of the event time on the comments in a GL entry that transfers the event from deferred to earned

Version 10.07.63 (Jan 10, 2018)

  • Improved the rate limit detection for sending emails via Gmail which imposes rate limits.
    • If you exceed the rate limits for your email account, TM will slow down sending the emails until it can get them sent out. Refer to what Gmail allows.
    • As part of the process, there is a new field that can be seen in the email account set up that provides the next date/time that Theatre Manager will attempt to send emails - if it has determined that you are rate limited
    • This applies to:
  • Add support for an end of day posting situation where rolling over events from deferred to earned revenue where the performance had ticket sales that are entirely complimentary would not create a GL entry since the offsetting amounts were zero. Since TM requires GL details lines - a special posting is set up that does not affect any accounting values and allows tracking of the rollover event

Version 10.07.62 (Jan 6, 2018)

  • Re-arrange the batch ticket printing dialog window so that the vertical height is reduced enough to fit on 800 pixel height monitors
  • Fix a small issue with inserting a new pricing map and improve drop of images to also recognize SVG. If no SVG map has ever been placed, the map will indicate that the SVG is missing in a message to the user

Version 10.07.61 (Jan 5, 2018)

  • Add a feature that allows you to see all events in the venue in an external Calendar - from an .ics export.
  • There will also be some features to let the patron add their own tickets to their calendar in subsequent releases
  • Improve performance of posting to GL if there are a lot of similar accounts in the GL posting.
  • The actual Year end rollover process
    • has been sped up significantly so that doing it should only take a couple of minutes
    • Web sales and box office sales can continue while running the process - they don't have to be shut down
    • uses less memory and database I/O during processing so machines with limited capability should not affect the process
    • It is now re-runnable - in the sense that if issues do occur doing the rollover, contact support and we will put you back to rights

Version 10.07.59 (Jan 4, 2018)

  • Improved the delineation of price codes that are changed in a pricing map compared to the price codes that were originally available to a performance. You will now receive a prompt when editing prices for an open event (i.e. not closed, not archived) that indicates that there are new price codes which you can optionally add, or not - if you do not want the new price codes for the venue to be available.
  • On the play window, the internal venue map description associated with the event now displays to be consistent with the internal pricing map description.
  • Verify tickets on reserved seating should now take care of seats that were left around due to the change in size of a venue
  • Add tool tip to venue window to show the full name of the currently selected line in the pricing map - which should help if the pricing map names are long
  • Add a feature to the pricing map window to see all performances that use that pricing map - so you can enable/disable for sale and set some other parameters as you might on the event window

Version 10.07.58 (Dec 28, 2017)

  • Fix an issue introduced in 10.07.57 that corrects batch printing of tickets
  • If a full install is done, it will include new versions of the calendar, gantt chart, word processor and PDF printing tools. There is no need to do this unless advised by the support team.

Version 10.07.57 (Dec 22, 2017)

  • Web sales checkout has an optional feature for rounding the cart value to the nearest amount by adding a donation. You can round to any specified amount (eg 50 cents, dollar, 5 dollars $7.50, ten dollars. Implementation requires:
    • Making a change to the Web Options tab in company preferences and enabling round up donations
    • Deciding which donation campaign to use for payment rounding. We suggest using your individual campaign since people can give to that online. You could make a special campaign called Round Up My Bill Donations and make it available online if you wish to have special tracking.
    • Deciding what the suggested roundup amount will be. The default web page suggests rounding to nearest $10, $5 or $1 at the patron's option.
    • Editing the web page tmTemplates/rowCartDonationRoundup.html to if you want to change the default text or roundup values
    • Note: if a patron has an even dollar total in there cart already, they will not be prompted to round up their cart purchase, regardless of what else is in the cart.
  • eTicket delivery improvements
    • Add email feature to batch printing of tickets. If eTickets are enabled for a performance or event, you can now email the PDF tickets to each patron in batch rather than at the end of the ticket sales process at the box office. As before, only 'unprinted' tickets can be printed or emailed.
    • When people purchase online, eTickets are automatically added to the confirmation email. This may assist patrons who created partial patron accounts and did not bother printing tickets from the confirmation window. It may result in slightly delayed email confirmation responses if there is a large onsale since the confirmation process now needs to generate the PDF tickets.
    • fixed an issue selecting the email at the box office to whom the tickets are to be sent. Using a context menu will pass the patron to the email window so that it doesn't have to be selected again.
  • Theatre Maps
    • Migrate building of thumbnails for theatre pricing maps to a worker in TM Server based on the imported SVG map. This is in preparation for simplified map set up in forthcoming 64 bit version of Theatre Manager where the SVG map becomes a single, cross platform map
    • Add test conditions to prevent using SVG maps known to incompatible when built from new versions of Libre Office. You will now get an error message indicating to use version or earlier, or Open Office 4.1.4 or later. See link for download instructions. You can use Adobe Illustrator CS6 to build SVG if you own it.
    • You can now drop SVG maps onto the graphic map window and it will save them for you (but not display). This is in addition to dropping them onto the Import SVG button and is in preparation for support for 64-but maps where the source will be only SVG maps.
  • Implemented a maintenance job process for long running jobs -- jobs that run in the background and test data for validity/defaults and correct if necessary. There is a maintenance window time frame that can be set in company preferences - where the default is that these kinds of data fix-up jobs only run between 1am and 5 am.
  • Fix an issue where totals for volunteer/staff history might not be correct if the data for volunteers was entered before 2012. If a field added at that time was null, the volunteer hours would not be added to the totals. This data is corrected in the maintenance job described above.
  • Added Quote as an option to put at the top of an invoice for those that book tickets and send to the client, pending their approval for the price/etc.
  • Fixed a long standing, but rarely occurring issue where adding something to the order after transferring an order to another patron in the middle of the sale might cause the additional items to not be under the right patron.
  • Fixed and issue setting the proper payment type for an online pass redemption in a multi-outlet database. Pass redemptions will now set the payment method to the code table value for the ~PASS for the appropriate outlet instead of picking the one for the main outlet. This will prevent some <missing account#0pass> errors in end of day due to online pass redemptions.
  • Added a new transaction type called APD that tracks the deletion of payments that have not yet been deposited. This makes sure that there is an audit of all payments in the database. Those that are:
    • deposited must be refunded to be reversed (there are already two transactions).
    • entered and deleted to enter the correct payment will now have two transactions. An audit transaction will be created for the deleted payment and the traditional PT transaction for the deposited one.
  • Added a feature to the responsive web pages to inform the user that Caps Lock is on when they type a lower case letter into a password field. Safari is the only browser that automatically puts an indicator into the password field - so this improves the user experience for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and IE 11 and may help reduce 'forgot my password' or calls to the box office.
  • Changed the Web Checkout Page slightly:
    • The messages that describe meaning of will call, print at home and mail ticket have been moved from the screen and into modal dialogs (like the policies) so that it is far clearer what is a message (on the left side) and what was previously help.
    • The screen for entering the credit card data is also condensed as more space was given to the prompt text. This helps mean that the continue button is far closer to the error message text and might help some patrons see it
    • If you have changed your messages regarding the meaning of e-ticket, willcall etc .. you may need to change some web pages to convert them to modal format
  • When editing a donation, alter the warning message on saving the donation if the fiscal year changes. A warning message will always inform the user that there is a change to the donation, but it will eliminate any reference to 'Prior year' unless the donation is really changed to a prior year
  • When adding a new volunteer postion via the volunteer window, after selecting the volunteer activity that will be performend, make sure to default the duties from the codetable notes.
  • Correct an issue where the arrive before and stay after times on the volunteer history list for an event were not being set correctly per the settings in the volunteer activity code table when a new volunteer was added to the performance.

Version 10.07.53 (Nov 19, 2017)

  • Fix invoice report where task detail line extended amount was appearing as blank
  • Set clean up that removes historical web listener logs to run after midnight, rather than delayed from end of day. Purpose is to avoid running during an onsale
  • Initialize Bank Accounts settings for new card payment methods to be blank to avoid an un-neccessary error
  • add a guard condition to make sure that the employee selling the ticket is properly assigned to the ticket. In some very very rare cases, it might not get set, making refunding the ticket impossible without intervention from AMS
  • Resolve issue on login when checking for updates and the update server is not running. It will no longer ask to change database and for cloud customers, it will connect to the last used database.

Version 10.07.50 (Nov 9, 2017)

  • Allow manual checkout of a cart that already has a payment but may have an incomplete ticket in it.
    • The cart window now has a message that describes possible issue if the cart did not completely checkout for some reason
    • If there are any unprocessed tickets, the manual checkout button will pick them up and finish the cart, including fees or donations
    • This can be used in the rare case where processing the cart was interrupted for some reason and the credit card had been authorized
  • Format resource totals on invoices with $xx.xx
  • Duplicating a pricing map now sets the user and entered dates to be current

Version 10.07.49 (Nov 2, 2017)

  • Add a specific employee security function permission for viewing Social Security and passport number as per the image to the right.
    • The default for this is disabled for all but master users and outlet administrators
    • You may need to provide access to specific employees if you want them to see this data
  • Improve performance of merging venues, donation campaigns, patrons, and a few other types of records
  • Improve handling of images for listing in the event list and elsewhere to better recognize when no image is available and return an empty placeholder image
  • Patrons checking out with a cart containing only a donation and where the 'why did you buy' setting in company preferences is mandatory; will no longer receive an error message requiring a valid 'why did you buy' option if the default item in the codetable for donations is not set for use on the internet. In other words, the code table setting for donation why did you buy can now be made invisible to the internet users as long as it is put in the appropriate web page.

Version 10.07.48 (Oct 30, 2017)

  • Add message warning users when converting a donation from Prospect/Soft Pledge to a real donation and automatically convert the donation date, program year and fiscal year to current dates, as if the donation was just entered.
  • Fix for notifications for ticket purchases based on specific sales promotions
  • Add report sales group to display of sales revenue on the play 'Sales' window
  • Prevent delete of prospect or soft credit donations for prior year if you do not have permission to alter prior year donations.
  • Rename the export option Excel 2008 Workbook to Excel Format (xlsx). Around 2008, Microsoft changed to xlsx format as the standard and has used it ever since. TM is compatible with this format - and removing the 2008 aligns the name to be the same as what Microsoft uses in its file dialogs. There is no new functionality, just a name change.
  • Improve placing of seats process on SVG Maps
    • Fixed an issue where selecting to import the SVG map during the place seats process would not work if the SVG map contained a marker indicating the creator of the file
    • Auto-detect Adobe Illustrator created SVG maps and set the scaling appropriately for placement of seats
    • Improve recording of the settings for creation of SVG map based on source being Powerpoint or Adobe Illustrator

Version 10.07.47 (Oct 11, 2017)

  • Add support for recently released Postgres 10 as a valid server version
  • Fix an issue with tax calculation on fees if the fee is added prior to logging in and rounding the fee resulted in fractional tax
  • Allow tax2 & tax3 to be added to membership style gift certificates sold online
  • Add a tab to the Tag Setup to show where the tag is used. You can search for every place it is used - or for certain records. It uses use text search to find the items.
  • External order notes can now be added to footer of the invoice if desired

Version 10.07.46 (Sep 28, 2017)

  • Add tags to the windows described in version 10.07.44
  • Allow searching for tags in reports for the records that support it. This makes a convenient way to group certain records and make it easy to search for them, such as all events with tag 'broadway 2017'
  • Fix a rare corner case of replacing a credit card for post dated payments for the same patron where the first four and last four digits of the credit card happened to be the same, but the middle digits were different.
  • The Default web pages now show 'download to PDF' for tickets. The print ticket button can be put back if desired -- but we've opted to show the faster and more permanent option for the patron
  • Correct the description of customizable volunteer field 12 in the query selection
  • improve releasing of seats with customized holds for subscriptions. When the subscription seats are held manually till subscription process is over -and- a subscriber released their seats, they would go back on automatic hold each time they were sold and release. Now, if they are manually released, they will no longer go back on hold.
  • Seats held for a shopping cart can no longer be released from Theatre Manager. TM server has now been assigned to handle that task automatically

Version 10.07.44 (Sep 24, 2017)

  • We have added some new charts for:
    • hourly sales for today
    • hourly sales for yesterday
    • TM Licence usage for the month vs licences available - to help venues understand the maximum people logged into TM in any one day during the month
    • TM Licence usage for the year vs licences available - to help venues understand the maximum people logged into TM in any one day during the year, mostly for trending
  • Some other charts have been renamed to show 'top' number of items in a day, week or month and also include some count information as well as $ value of sales.
Note: daily licence usage charts require an access permission set per the image below.

Version 10.07.43 (Sep 14, 2017)

Web Sales

  • Hide 'mail me my tickets' on the web pages if there are no tickets in the order that could be mailed within the mailing deadline set in company preferences. This prevents adding mailing fees to orders and to use the feature, you should set the mail deadline option on the company preferences.
  • Add support for tax exempt customers purchasing online
TM Workstation
  • Minor change to posting of personnel transactions in the facility module - takes care of situation where fees were changed after they were initially saved as zero value
  • can now open patron window from the cart detail

Version 10.07.41 (Aug 25, 2017)

  • during the performance building process for an event, you can now set the onsale date to be 'xx' days in advance of the performance. This will be useful for venues that do repeated classes each week and only make them available for sale just before the class -- such as Pilates or drop in gym type classes
  • Add commissions paid for a performance to the revenue tab on the play window - which is primarily for outlet versions of TM
  • Numerous small changes to allow use of a single quote (') in the customizable field names
  • Allow single quote in the event title - however, if at end of the field, you must use the option-click to retain it.
  • Small change to plugins to allow display of user message generated by the plug in where appropriate in some cases
  • Add order notes to the membership/pass redemption list (within the pass detail window)
  • A database set in Training Mode will no longer check that it is being backed up - since it is expected that training databases are never backed up.
  • Add job to ensure that a vacuum of the database is done at 3:00am at least once per day. This is to make sure that database statistics are properly set for performance reasons
  • Make sure there is a default port in the template URL for the web listeners. If it is empty, it will default to 8111 to ensure the web services can get the customized template web pages
  • Allow condition of building events that have no valid price codes set for the venue at the time of creation of the events. This is not a normal situation, but we've seen it acouple of times.
  • The quick search feature now requires that enter be hit after typing in the item you want to search by -- this means that database searches are only initiated on user command, and not for each keystroke - which will save on some database load

Version 10.07.39 (Aug 23, 2017)

  • Each individual Pass/Gift certificate can now be limited to apply to a certain events when it is sold. This enhancement allows you to do a couple of things:
    • have a Pass/GC Type that in totally limited to certain events
    • Add further restrictions to each issued pass - which may be useful for scholarships or passes provided to actors or to fundraisers, without having to have different pass types for each fundraiser.
  • Added the security group feature for reporting on events to certain subgroups of employees. This means that those that sell an event can be completely different from those that can report on the event.
  • Add donation receipt options as a lookup table in report criteria. This allows you to mark some donation receipts as print manually and then batch select them for printing at end of year using a form letter
  • Fixed an issue where printing of a subscription renewal notice in mid season might cause an error if two or more consecutive events were removed from the notice because the events were over.
  • Allow activate/deactivate and open/close events from 'event' tab in Venue window in addition to the event list.
  • Further improved caching of data in some parts of Theatre Manager
  • Donation summary reports - fix display of subtotal header for the last reported item in the report
  • If a patron's auto-renewal subscription setting is changes to that they are no longer an auto-renewing subscriber, their credit card on the subscription setup will be cleared. This will allow future shredding of credit cards (per your PCI setup defaults) to occur as it normally would.

TMServer 0.99.25 (Aug 8, 2017)

  • Added condition to prevent adding orders with outstanding balances across outlets
  • Ensure that payment plug-ins are run if person buys anonymously and then transfers to the cart -- the payment plugin will run.
  • Classic listener display name has been changed to that the version number comes before the port it is using - to make it easier to see what versions of processes are running in Theatre Manager using the active employee list or PgAdmin

Version 10.07.37 (Aug 1, 2017)

  • Add a feature to select one of the patron addresses as the 'billing address' for the Address Verification -- when sending a credit card for authorization. The address selection option only appears:
    • for credit card payments
    • if there are multiple addresses for the patron -and-
    • the merchant account is set up with the option to send address information
  • Fix the 'next month' arrow for calendar when creating an event - it will not go to the next month.
  • Change the default checkout web page so that the I accept the terms and conditions text also includes the no refunds and exchanges text in the same dialog. We have received reports that Visa is being stick about chargebacks if the 'all sales final' wording is too far removed from the terms and conditions. In addition, the 'terms and conditions' text on this window pops up in a modal dialog so that the patron cannot lose sight of it on a mobile device.
  • add a feature to year end rollover to allow financially closing all events in the past. A closed event means a flag is set on the event to prevent future sales, exchanges or refunds from occurring. This is generally done throughout the year after the event is over and reconciled by finance.
  • Add do not solicit-email to the mail list query parameter window as part of the exclude flags option to make it easier to select it.
  • Improved the ability to manage exported GL entry files, specifically:
    • Theatre Manager will no longer let a user over-writ an existing G/L export file
    • Clearing the GL Export flag is a specific permission that can be assigned to an employee
    • The GL entry list window and detail window now have functions and context menus to support the clearing of the exported flag
    • there is an audit log written of whenever the exported flag is cleared that can be tracked back to the person

Version 10.07.36 (Jun 26, 2017)

  • Add a feature that allows certain volunteers/staff members to manage events and classes online. The feature is intended for those sites that want to capture attendance in a class for courses from any device, including allowing the course manager (instructor) some capabilities like changing the schedule of the class, cancelling a class, signing up people into the class for drop in purposes, and more.

    Permission to manage an event online is occurs when three things are true:

  • Add a convenience feature when adding a volunteer to a course/class - to prompt user if they really meant the entire course, or just the class
  • Updated web pages to be responsive for directly adding people to a mail list as limited profile patron
  • Add Credit union support for Western Canada for EFT
  • Minor fix to invoices to pick up the latest address change
  • Building of giving level summary is now done in a single transaction so that it is all or nothing.
  • Allow quote at end of play title

Version 10.07.35 (Jun 20, 2017)

  • Add a feature to designate a copy of the database as a Training Database. When a database is set this way:
    • All credit cards are shredded immediately so that there are none in the training database.
    • The database is set to schedule 'C' mode so future card cannot be saved
    • The title of all windows is changed to reflect the 'Training' database status
    • Some operational messages that emails cannot be sent, or backups have not occurred are no longer displayed
    • The login window is clearly marked that the database is for training purposes
    It is possible to change a training database back into a real one. Since, encrypted credit card are shredded immediately, they cannot be recovered and are gone forever.
  • Add totalling of order fees in the message line when selecting multiple order fees in a list on order window or on order fee setup (patron list)
  • Enhance the window showing employees that are logged in. It will now show all web listeners that are active, as well showing if the connection is using TLS for security.

Version 10.07.34 (Jun 19, 2017)

  • Fix an error on daily and year end rollover of deferred event revenue to earned revenue when there are fractions of pennies in the price of a ticket. The rollover needed to your the price before summing tickets and in rare cases cloud incompletely rollover a performance (there may have been pennies of imbalance in those rare cases).
  • Attach the venue to the GL detail when rolling over events from deferred revenue to earned
  • Add some optimization and clearer database transaction boundaries on the event rollover

Version 10.07.33 (Jun 18, 2017)

Theatre Manager installers have been revised. The connection level security for AMS cloud users has been upgraded to TLS 1.2 and we recommend AMS Cloud users do a walk around install at their earliest convenience (links to Macintosh Installer and Windows Installer). Non AMS cloud users should also re-install if their Postgres server is set to prefer or require SSL security (this is not normally set).
  • Address crash on Windows and Mac machines that had reinstalled TM containing an older word processing module. If a venue is experiencing crashes on a specific machine and not others, they should re-install TM to get the new module. Sites that are either crashing, or problems merging documents should re-install the latest version. of TM
  • The date of new orders will always be the current server date for those venues that are using TM in a time-zone aware manner - instead of sometimes being the day before if the time zone of the web listener was set incorrectly or for a workstation timezone that was after the server timezone.
  • Add some speed optimization of booking subscriptions from the order window

Version 10.07.32 (Jun 14, 2017)

  • Clarify an error message when processing end of day pass/GC transactions should the pass type not be on the transaction record
  • Alter the type of some character fields in the database to be 'text' for compatibility with some plugins that update the internal order notes.
  • Add back the employee initials to the employee record so that they can be displayed on ticket faces and used for scanner logins. The field is not enterable, and is copied from the patron's data when the employee permissions are edited. You can see the initials on the Box office tab

Version 10.07.31 (Jun 12, 2017)

  • Add a feature to the volunteer activity setup to allow instructors (or course managers) more latitude to track attendance, enrol/refund participants and change class schedules (using the online servers and a web browser/device of their choice). It is intended to support remote management of courses/classes like ballet and drama classes, seminars, swim lessons, pilates instruction etc -- anything where there is an instructor and students.

Version 10.07.30 (Jun 7, 2017)

  • NOTE: the first time you run create sales entries - may take time to set account numbers on transactions done since May 15th 2017 (version 7.23) that might not have been set properly - this is to enable showing data on transaction reports where the query includes account number.
  • Any order notes that existed were moved to the new internal order notes field - so that they remain internal
  • The payment window that allows entry of order notes and internal order notes now automatically resizes the order notes areas as the window is resized.
  • Fixed an issue where older versions of TM were not being cleaned out of deployment directories for TM Server on windows machines.
  • Added subtotalling for some calculated fields in the revenue report printed from the play window
  • Sort the lists in the deposit window on opening by the last used sort criteria

Version 10.07.29 (Jun 7, 2017)

  • Quick find now automatically searches notes and other text fields. The behaviour is a little different since the search uses Postgres's text search engine. Aata should be found a little faster owing to thenew text search indexes added over the past few months. The text search feature has some subtle differences. It:
    • searches for words in any order, regardless of the order you typed them
    • searches for words that start with what you type
    • generally ignores plurality - so that a search for actors will find actor and vice versa
    • ignores words your typed that are called stop words. Stop words are considered to occur too frequently to be useful in searching - such as a, and, the, it. it means you have to type an additional letter to find things like thea (for theatre) since the will not work as it is a stop word.
  • Fix an issue with opening shopping carts detail window at the box office as a result of adding internal order notes
  • Add an option to specify the mailing days for 'mail tickets to patron -- which can be substituted into web pages. In the long run, we may eliminate mailing option if all events are within the mail to days.

Version 10.07.28 (Jun 7, 2017)

  • Add a feature to system preferences to specify a mailing deadline (in days). The default is 10 days and it merges into web pages. In the future, this might be used to eliminate mailing of tickets as an option is all tickets are within the deadline.
  • Add an option to system preferences to allow payment of outstanding balances online.
    • If disabled, the ability for patron to pay online for orders with outstanding balances will be curtailed
    • If enabled, then when paying On Account at the box office, you will have the option of allowing the order to be paid online. We suggest putting some recognizable comment in the external order notes.
    • If the patron chooses to pay for an order online, it applies it using the feature of a single payment paying for multiple orders to allocated the prior order balance totals from the amount paid on the card in the current cart
  • Add new field for internal order notes - so that internal notes can be used for the box office and external notes can be used (future release) for order notes to describe the order if people are to pay it online. Note, all existing 'orders notes' were migrated to the 'internal notes' so that existing text within notes fields is kept private.

Version 10.07.27 (Jun 6, 2017)

  • Attendance Reasons in code tables now have a flag called patron useable. When set, the patron can use this attendance reason when looking at their own courses online and indicating that they cannot come, so the instructor will know
  • Remove transaction boundary around writing web listener logs for minor improvement in speed writing logs.
  • Minor revisions to the pass access scan window

Version 10.07.25 (May 28, 2017)

  • The patron can now elect to pay off one of their existing order balances online.
  • Add features in the deposit process for those using EFT funds transfer:
    • You can now have multiple batches in an EFT export file
    • The EFT export will transmit the payment due date rather than defaulting to the file creation date.
    • Added definitions for Canadian west coast credit unions
    • You can now specify different dates for including data into the EFT batch, including the future. This means you can prepare your EFT batch before the actual transmission to the bank so that funds will come out of the patron's account on the right day
  • Fix an issue introduced in the previous version where the A/R posting account could get tagged with an event - which made the A/R entries look funny on reports. Doing create sales entries once will correct past A/R postings to remove the event code attached to it in error

Version 10.07.24 (May 22, 2017)

  • Contains the Preview release of Reveal - a graphic dashboard system for Theatre Manager.

    Reveal allows you to create dashboards containing pictorial information and charts pertinent you your needs that can be displayed on any modern browser on computers, smart phones or tablets. Each employee can have their own distinct dashboard or set of dashboards similar to the example on the left.

    Graphs in the Reveal dashboards are LIVE. This means that when you are watching a dashboard, if ticket or donation is taken, it will change the appropriate graph in real time.
    preview release lets you use the technology to become familiar with it. Currently there are only representative charts. If there is something you would like to see or if you encounter some issues, please let us know via support. We expect some minor glitches to show up
  • Fixed an issue where opening a form letter to edit it, and then attempting to add one of the marketing popup fields to the form letter would add those marketing fields to the menu again.
  • Also, adjusted the category into which some of the marketing fields fall in the form letter to create more consistency of meaning. Some fields moved from one menu to another - but they are still there
  • Fixed a form merge issue of the marketing fields so that they show on the letter.
  • When duplicating a performance from the sell window - enforce a unique series code so that the new performance is ready for sale

Version 10.07.23 (May 18, 2017)

  • Significantly improve performance when creating transactions for sales entries and creating GL entries for the sales entries during the end of day process.
  • Added feature to import order fees for those venues that import that stuff
  • Significantly improve performance opening web carts and display on screen
  • Add a column that shows the patrons choice of printing tickets (or print at home) on the shopping cart list. It gives a visual as to what the patron intended for their tickets in one spot.
  • Enhance messages displayed when attempting to use a black listed credit card - so you can track down another person who may have used the same card, even across outlets
  • Completely eliminate the legacy fields containing employee changed by initials on each record in favour of storing the employee's record number. These old text based fields have not been used for a long time and now they are not in the database at all
  • If a pass/gift certificate cannot be sold, do not check the expiry dates on the pass setup
  • Fix an issue where an order would not show on the patron's order tab if there were multiple resources in the order that were not specifically attached to a project

Version 10.07.21 (May 2, 2017)

  • Change EFT file names for CIBC so that they do not contain spaces or special characters
  • Address issue with importing some older plugin code in recent versions of Theatre Manager. The case of the variable name 'iSearch2' had changed.
  • Enhance change of price via plugin for venues that want a single ticket for groups sales to general admission events
  • Enhance base plugin code to support automatic addition of general admission tickets to a season package (via plugin)
  • Correct display of VIP patron notes popup that contain multiple carriage returns in a row - for VIP patrons in the popup dialog when patron window is opened
  • Fix transaction boundary issue for some cases where tickets sold at box office with plugin.
  • Fix issue where the list of patrons that have bought a pass on the pass/GC setup window was showing an empty list - criteria was incorrect.
  • Add batch settlement capability for Moneris hosted payment page

Version 10.07.20 (Apr 26, 2017)

  • Word Processor
    • Introduce a significant visual change to the word processor and various places it is used. The Tools Palette is no longer an independent window that hides and shows itself. It is now part of every window that uses the rich text component -- and can be hidden or shown to make space if required.
    • Added a right-click menu option to hide or show the tools palette. This works in form letter creation, merging, emailing of PDF tickets and invoices.
    • Improved performance of displaying and merging data by caching some of the constant type records.
    • Fixed a couple of minor issues such as display of fonts on the font editing window
  • New feature for scanning monthly passes to give people access to the facilities in a venue - typically used for sports and aquatic centres
  • Add support for authorization of existing post dated cards within the prior payment window in the payment options of an order
  • Improvements to EFT handling by defaulting Patron's Name when setting up recurring EFT transactions
  • Tabs on upper left of the patron window should now default to the style of the operating system running TM - this mostly affects Windows 10 - and is subtle display change

Version 10.07.17 (Apr 17, 2017)

  • TM Desktop
    • Fix long standing issue for online subscription renewals -which- involved use of a custom plug in -and- have auto-added tickets. If the customer entered change notes for the subscription, they should have been copied to the subscription entry window. Now they will.
    • The altering favourite seats process now allows changing promotions and price codes on selected subscriptions (in a package) or on the entire package
    • Tweak the donor search export process to accept responses from http/2.0 web servers - if and when Donor search might revise its server processes.
    • Ensure that all credit card authorizations will accept http/2.0 responses from web servers - if and when banks implement the http 2.0 protocol.
    • Fix issue with tickets sold-solicitor report - SQL error.
    • Add feature to unsubscribe patrons EN MASSE from a mail list based on patron number and/or delete email addresses completely that are read from the file. This is intended to be used for those who get bounce or unsubscribes from an external mailing service like Mail Chimp or Bronto
    • Add some minor changes to the word processor:
      • Add a button to the toolbar on the word processing window to open the formatting tools if it should get closed by the user
      • Change colour of the primary sections on the tools palette (magenta) so that the action buttons are easier to see. Also add a triangle to each button so it is clearer to see that you can expand and collapse the sections
      • Add an extra redraw of the text document when a form letter is first opened (on windows machines) to address a display glitch if the first thing you did was scroll up on the form letter.
  • TM Server
    • Address issue of removing optional events in a subscription.
    • Auto centre and zoom into the pick your seat map to the offered seat for the patron. This may mean a bit of a zoom in on the pick-your-seat map on desktop devices. Phone devices should still use pinch and spread gestures.
    • Pick your seat map can be dragged and zoomed in/out easier on desktop devices.

Version 10.07.15 (Apr 11, 2017)

  • Added a feature to bulk sell the same pass or gift certificate to a group of people. On the patron list and mail list 'whos in' widows, you get use a context menu to sell pass to multiple selected patrons, or you can drop a gift certificate type onto the selected people. Doing so will add an order and pass to each of the selected patrons. Any balance owing will need to be paid separately.

    For example: This could be used to add comp passes to volunteers on an event or parking passes to groups of subscribers.

  • Allow printing of address ticket when no tickets are selected in the patron window
  • Fix a small issue setting the posting date on tickets when changing the price on an already posted ticket.
  • During edit, clear EFT account data on code table payment data unless the payment method is actually EFT

Version 10.07.14 (Apr 9, 2017)

  • Adjust messages on 'notes' fields to describe using tasks if the note is date/time sensitive
  • Correct a problem with printing letters from the 'letters' tab that was introduced in version 10.07.12.

Version 10.07.12 (Apr 7, 2017)

  • Small change to how old web listener logs are purged during end of day to improve performance

Version 10.7.11 (Apr 6, 2017)

  • TM Desktop
    • Change export field description of donor notes on the patron window and donation notes on the donation window to be different
    • Significant performance improvement in doing year end rollover by migrating some work to the database server to do in the background.
    • Changing fiscal year from within company preferences is rarely done -- but in case it must, it is now faster as work is pushed to the background TM server processes.
    • Changing the status of pending emails that have not been sent will now cause them to rebuild the email contents field if it was cleared out for some reason - this will help some emails get sent that are sitting the rejection queue
    • If an employee locks themselves out of TM by typing an incorrect password more than the allowable number of times, TM will now remove their name from the list of employees for clarity.
    • Fix an issue with the renew date for passes that are allowed to be renewed -- the date should now be the current date.
    • All venues using Orbital for credit card authorization will automatically have the URL's altered to the newest URL. Paymentech has informed us that, as of end of May 2017, all merchants authorizing credit cards with Orbital must be using TLS 1.2 and the new URL's only accept this high level of encryption.


      If you have any issues authorizing credit cards via Orbital, try the following, but please let the support team know right away.

      Until mid May, 2017, you can revert the URL's by going into your merchant account setup for orbital and changing:

      • Primary URL: change back to
      • Secondary URL: change back to

      OR address the issue permanently by:

  • TM Server
    • Allow pick your own seats to be purchased when there is a single ticket taken and the patron purchasing online wants the ticket(s) beside the single ticket. This addresses a rare corner case where TM would think that the single ticket that was sold should might leave an open single, whereas, in fact, it would not.
    • Address an issue withMicrosoft IE 11 and Edge browsers where they misinterpret a mime type when going to certain pages that are managed by classic listeners and decide to try to download the web page instead of displaying it. Some sites experienced this where a customer indicated that they checked out, but got no final confirmation page (because their browser downloaded it
    • Improve the totalling/statistics gathering processes for the marketing data fields by moving them into server processes. It should help minor speed improvements in some box office sales as statistics gathering is offloaded from personal machines
    • Ongoing improvements to the REST api

Version 10.07.10 (Apr 2, 2017)

  • Add support for generating EFT files based on checks entered into TM for bank transfers.
    • Currently, only two bank formats have been set up for Canada: CIBC and Scotia Bank. It is possible that we'll do First West Credit Union (BC) next and others may be done upon request and provision of the EFT format documentation for your bank.
    • End of day process includes an EFT option to export the file for all GL entries that are deposited, and will only pick up checks that have not yet been exported as EFT.
    • Setup of the EFT is done by making special merchant accounts to deal with checks.
  • Improve speed of archiving an event to prevent future sales. TM no longer removes tickets that had never been sold. This was an attempt in the past, to reduce disk usage, but since the size of disks these days is generally very large and the effect of size reduction was minimal, it is now more appropriate to not delete unsold inventory. In the process, speed of closing an event is much faster.
  • Subscriptions:
    • The subscription process at the box office now prevents sale of a subscription unless the control house is also on sale at the box office. This was preventing control houses from being added to the order. Now, the sales person will receive a message that the control house cannot be sold and booking will cease
    • If the event cannot be sold at the box office, you are still able to create new subscriptions and allocate seats to patrons in preparation for renewal notices and online sales
    • Online renewals of subscriptions only need the 'use as control house' flag set as it ignores the 'sell at box office' flag. This is unchanged from the past.
  • Custom employee initials in employee setup is no longer available. Employee initials come from the patron record itself, so it may appear that initials have changed in some cases - and that is only because the patron record (for the employee) may not have any middle initial.
  • Order changed by initials now displays the initials from the patron record, as per above in all areas of TM
  • TM Server
    • Prevent the SQL used in the monitor from running after the last person disconnects from viewing data in the director. There was a problem where some browsers (notably Safari) would leave a phantom connection, causing the monitor query to keep running
    • Fix an issue with displaying the order of subscriptions when a combined subscription package was purchased and to better accommodate packages with optional events.
    • Ongoing additions to the REST api

Version 10.07.09 (Mar 23, 2017)

  • Fix issue of out of balance when repricing tickets: This corrects a problem where a TET transaction was not properly created for tickets that were being exchanged from a previous order, where they were repriced more than once. This problem would leave the end of day out of balance. The TET and TEF transactions are now created in a single database transaction so that they cannot be out of sorts. There have also been some small performance optimizations where only tickets that are of a different price will be repriced.
  • Employee Initials on the list of employees now reflects the value from the Employee's patron record
  • Fix and issue in the process of taking over the shopping cart from the patron. It was leaving the 'order in use' flag set, which prevented a payment from being taken until the flag was cleared.
  • Improve diagnostic messages when trying to transfer an order to another patron and business rules prevent this from happening.

Any ticket face based on payments requires editing and the following fields must be removed before the ticket face can be printed:
  • PAY_RECD_BY and/or

Version 10.07.08 (Mar 22, 2017)

  • Fix an issue with the exportevents web feature
  • Re-implement support for the tmattendance.html method of scanning tickets
  • Add a message to explain that attempts to void a refund to a customer are not supported by Moneris
  • House reservation listing now displays the initials of who the order was sold by
  • Enable the setting of pay-what-you-can performances in the performance detail - the checkbox is now enabled properly

Version 10.07.05 (Mar 15, 2017)

  • Events that are not yet on sale in the event list at the box office will now display the entire line in red
  • No longer add fees to order in box office that evaluate to zero
  • Add column aliases to the REST api so that you can name the columns what you wish
  • Minor fix to preventing sales to limits in promotion

Version 10.07.04 (Mar 12, 2017)

  • Fix two issues with sales promotions where there is a limit to the number of times a promotion can be used:
    • For general admission ticket sales, specifying a limit would restrict sales using that promotion to one less than the limit
    • It was possible with web sales to quickly try and get more tickets in your cart than the limit allowed, if you could squeeze adding tickets to your cart using that promotion to under 30 seconds. The cacheing has been removed and there is now a hard limit online
    • An order that contains no tickets cannot be set in 'reservation only' status. It prevents creation of orders that only have fees as reservation only
  • Add some performance caching to creation of transactions at the box office

Version 10.07.03 (Mar 10, 2017)

  • Minor improvement to plugin process to allow plugins to add 'extra' subscription tickets that are general admission. This may be useful for symphonies where the majority of tickets are in one venue and and additional ticket in a church.
  • Minor performance improvement in rebuild patron balance
  • Added some graphs to the Web Services 'Director' to monitor traffic and checkouts for the previous day.

Monitoring Web Server Traffic Monitoring Web Cart Completions

Version 10.07.02 (Mar 8, 2017)

  • Web Sales
    • Limited profile patron/anonymous checkout has been altered slightly. Now, even if the patron attempts to checkout providing partial data -AND- a full patron profile exists under the email address, the system will add a partial patron to that existing household. Previously, if the patron had fully identified themselves, the web listener would require them to ask for their password. This should help sites that prefer to operate in the limited patron profile mode
    • The pick your seat map online can now be grabbed (by a cursor) and moved around within its screen area to make it even easier to navigate for Seats
    • Added feature to web listener to allow linking directly from any web page (eg: the marketing site or within your ticketing site) directly to the pick your seats page. You can specify quantity of tickets, sections, price codes, and more. If you only specify the event, then the default number of tickets will be picked for you anywhere in the venue. This feature allows quickly holding seats from any web site to being the purchase process.
  • Additional Credit Card Support
    • Added card processing support in web sales for Moneris Hosted Payment Page. A venue using Moneris can now outsource the credit card authorization so that it is hosted by a Moneris Web page rather than be the Theatre Manager Web Listener. The advantage - it becomes possible to achieve a much less onerous PCI A rating for e-commerce transactions. In this scenario, an online credit card never reaches your machines and you only receive confirmation that the card was authorized. Conversely, since Theatre Manager does not receive the card information, post dated payments and payment plans are not possible.
    • Split credit card table into two.
      • The main table contains searchable display values and the secondary table only containing only encrypted values (if they are stored, per you PCI settings).
      • This improves PCI management, as well as speed of shredding old cards.
      • It is also part of implementation of Moneris hosted payment page.
      • There is a one time automatic conversion process as part of the upgrade that may affect performance for a little while
  • Other speed improvements to some specific areas of TM
    • Vast improvement in performance when enabling and disabling promotions on the event window in the promotions list tab. The audit feature for enable and disable of promotions has been turned on.
    • Deposit and Till balance reports now use single SQL call to get the data and format before delivering to the workstation. This is because the CC display field no longer needs decoded for display in shredded format
    • Payment list on Patron now uses single SQL statement to retrieve data. CC's are displayed in shredded format
    • A half dozen payment based reports now use single SQL statement to retrieve data and are faster - CC's displayed in shredded format direct from the database.
    • Donation receipts now use a single SQL statement and eliminate lookups
    • Improve performance of opening venue maps to change them on sites with a lot of web sales
    • Improve performance editing existing passes and gift certificates from the patron list for venues with lots of shopping carts
    • Optimize the placement of time zone parameter in SQL commands so that is always on the search parameters - in some cases resulting ins significant speed improvements on some searches based solely on time zone fields
    • Improve performance of making randomized mail lists
    • Some minor improvements within setting favourite seats in subscriptions via optimization and caching. There is more that can be done to improve further- at a later date.
  • The actual search and retrieval time is shown on list windows in the message area when pulling data from the database - to allow quantifiable examination of results and network latency.
  • An order being sold can no longer be cleared from the end of day process. You must use the existing batch function menu and, in so doing, get out of end of day. Orders in the process of being sold that are arbitrarily cleared lose any protection from end of day, which would start creating transactions prematurely and possibly causing an end of day imbalance.

Components out of date

If you receive this message, Theatre Manager detected that an internal component is out of date and that is should be updated soon.

The current version of Theatre Manager does not consider it mandatory (yet).

However, subsequent versions of Theatre Manager will. This will require that you:

Note that the same update may be required on other workstations as well.

Windows Updates need to be run

After installing the 64 bit version on Windows, you may receive a message that says Theatre Manager cannot start because a component is missing.

While the message says to try re-installing the program, the real issue is that some essential windows updates have not been installed.

We have encountered this on some Windows 8.1 installations that have never been updated. After running and installing all windows updates, TM was able to run.

You can revert back to 32 bit Theatre Manager by downloading it per these instructions if you have insufficient time to run windows updates.