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Direct Donation Add Link (quick add)

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[&DD_FLD1_FC_SEQ=pp][& DD_FLD2_FC_SEQ=qq][& DD_FLD3_FC_SEQ =rr][&frequency=0][&param=altbtn=btnCheckout][&tmsource=zzzzz]


This link allows you to add a donation to the shopping cart with minimal interaction. It means you can put it anywhere on any web page. The user does not get any choices. If you wish choices like Donate $10 or Donate $50, you will need to put multiple buttons on the page.

This URL supports quickly adding a donation to a cart from ANY web page including: and taking you to checkout right away, subject to any rules:
  • for setting up accounts or quick checkout -and-
  • the minimum data required for a donation. If, for example, donation field 1 is mandatory, you need to specify a valid value

Sample web flow using this link

In the image above, the URL to quickly add a donation can be on any page. If it contains the minimum data needed, the diagram shows the flow that occurs for regular patron checkout and for guest checkout.


Parameters on the URL

The following parameters can be added after the

  • donationquick=xx where xx represents the Campaign # from within Theatre Manager.
  • amount=100.00 is required and sets the amount of the donation.
  • param=altbtn=btnCheckout (optional). After the donation is added, the user is typically taken to the shopping cart.

    Use the param features if you want the patron to go directly to the checkout page. Patrons will:

    • need to log in to their account, -or-
    • if you allow use of the limited profile patron feature (AKA guest checkout) for donations, the patron can make an account that meets minimum data required for a patron.
  • DD_FLD1_FC_SEQ=pp (optional). If specified, pp must be a valid, active value from the Donor#1 Popup code table. Invalid values will result in rejection.

    Note: If any donor popup is mandatory in company preferences, you must specify this parameter and a value for it in the URL.
  • DD_FLD2_FC_SEQ=qq (optional). If specified, qq must be a valid, active value from the Donor#2 Popup code table
  • DD_FLD3_FC_SEQ =rr (optional). If specified, rr must be a valid, active value from the Donor#3 Popup code table
  • frequency=0 (optional) and suggests the frequency for recurring donations. The default is 0, for a single, one-time donation.

    Values of frequency are:

    • 0 - one time gift (the default)
    • 1 - monthly recurring gift
    • 2 - A Gift Every 2 Weeks
    • 3 - A Gift Every 3 Months (each Quarter)
    • 4 - Annual Gift
    • 5 - Daily Gift
    • 6 - Weekly Gift
    • 7 - A Gift Every 2nd Month
  • tmsource=yyyyyy (optional) where yyyyyy is a tracking code that is placed on any cart for tracking the source of the referral.