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Self-Guided Demo Tutorial

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Theatre Manager

Demonstration Tutorial

Welcome to the Self-Guided Demonstration Tutorial! This tour will guide you through various features of Theatre Manager.

In the beginning of each section, you will see a 'Before You Start' section indicating the prerequisites for the upcoming section. Make sure you have completed the prerequisites before moving on to the new section. If you need to review them once again, you should feel free to click on the links provided, and the tour will return you to the topic.

At the end of each section, you will see a 'Next Steps' section that lets you know what concepts you are now prepared to learn about, with direct links to those sections.

Occasionally, we'll suggest that you try something on your own, using the skills you will have learned in the tutorial. You will see a "Try This" icon when you should venture out and explore a little.

If you aren't quite sure of the answer, we'll provide it for you at the bottom of the web page you are reading.

The general web help pages also contain Reference Guides, Cheatsheets and ScreenCasts that can be used to guide you through various tasks and functions within Theatre Manager. If you need a video guide or reference notes, please feel free to use these tools.

Occasionally, the Self-Guided Demo will provide a link to our regular web help pages for further explanation of a specific topic. Feel free to explore the web help pages, then use your browser's "Back" button to return to the Self-Guided Demo.

To get started on the tour, simply click on the 'Next Steps' link for the introduction below.

Read the Self-Guided Tour Introduction