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End Of Day

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This section presumes you:

After a long day of work, you want to kick back, enjoy your favorite beverage, and be with your family. But your work isn't quite done yet. You need to let Accounting know all the great things you have done all day. You'll need to do the 'End Of Day' process in order to cash out, deposit your credit card sales, and count the 'inventory' (tickets, memberships, donations, etc.) that you gave out all day. The End of Day process takes about 15 minutes, and sales can continue while you are processing.

The End of Day can be run at the 'end of the day', or the beginning of the next day. It can be run daily, or only a few times per week.

In order to process and deposit your credit cards, the Deposit part of End Of Day must be run - therefore, running that part of your End Of Day is recommended at least 5 days per week.

The complete End of Day help pages can be found starting here. This self-guided tutorial will only provide an overview of the process.

The demonstration tutorial database comes all setup with deposits and sales to run the End of Day. After you have run it once, in order to run it again you will need to do more sales. Return to Selling a Ticket or Inserting a donation to create more transactions.

A complete End of Day has four simple parts to it:

Multiple End of Days on the Same Day

You can run the Deposits and Sales Entries at any point during the day (or multiple times during the day), however you should generally only post to the General Ledger and run your reports once a day.

The reason for only producing the reports once per day (after the LAST posting for the day) is that the default criteria in the reports at end of day default the criteria to be everything for that day out of convenience to you. Meaning, if you post three times in one day, the end of day reports produce an aggregate of the 3 postings.

If you wish to separate the postings into parts of a day, you can:

  • access the same reports under Theatre Managers Reporting system (General Ledger section) and put criteria into separate the day into parts. For example, use criteria in the reports for GL DATE POSTED between midnight and noon. Or from Noon to 4 pm.
  • or when looking at a finished report in the end of day, click the criteria button and change the criteria to reflect only the part of the day you are interested in