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Theatre Manager contains a full web sales component allowing you to place whatever events, donation campaigns, memberships, gift certificates, subscriptions or other items onsale for your patrons to access 24 hours a day. The 'Web Listener" is housed at your venue, and is your hardest working employee (aside from you, of course!). Since you house the web listener and control the sales, any fees you wish to charge for web sales belong strictly to you.

Adding an event for sale online requires no special html coding. A simple checkbox on the performance setup places the event for sale online. Similarly, a donation campaign can be placed onsale as easily as checking a box in Theatre Manager. You are able to turn on various Sales Promotions (discounts) for some performances and not for others, or add a coupon for access to special discounts or pre-sale events, available for everyone or a select few (such as members or subscribers).

Web sales happen in real-time, allowing the Box Office and management to instantly see an accurate picture of sales.

The web sales module comes with a complete set of default web page templates which can be modified to match your main website. This can be modified by Arts Management Systems, or by your own web designer. The following are examples of what a few of our hundreds of venues using Theatre Manager web sales have done to the sample web pages. It gives you an idea that the sky can be the limit and a fair degree of personal branding is very possible very easily.

When visiting these sites, make sure and click on the 'tickets' buttons on these sites.

For more information on web sales and the many benefits you can enjoy from 24-hour sales, contact our sales office

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