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Quick Reference Guides

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This section of the online help contains the quick reference guides and reference materials as it is created. Please feel free to address any comments, errors or omissions to All topics and selections are contained on this one page.

You can download the Quick Reference Guides (less than 20 pages), Cheatsheets (1-2 pages) and Screencasts (online video demonstrations of the functions with narration) by clicking on the icon.

The original Flash screencasts have been converted to MP4 so they are available on iPads and iPhones. The formatting may be a little different on some to fit the iPhone/iPad dimensions.
You may also want review our youtube channel as we make some topics available there.



Reference Guide (pdf)

Cheatsheet (pdf)

Flash ScreenCast

MP4 ScreenCast

Patron Management

Patron Management


Ticket Faces - Calculation Commands

Buy a Ticket

Add Tickets to an Existing Order  

Buy a Season Subscription (from the order window)

Exchange or Refund Tickets

Refund a Ticket to a Donation  

Past Event Ticket Exchange  

Mail Lists

Create a Mail List  

Deleting Mail Lists  

Merging Mail Lists  

Form Letters

Create a Form Letter  

Delete a Form Letter  

Export a Form Letter  

Import a Form Letter  

Find an Existing Form Letter  

Duplicate a Form Letter  

Merge a Form Letter and Delete a Batch



Reports Overview  


Reports Criteria Overview  

Add Custom Categories  

Reports - Export Data  

Reports - Create Labels  



Donations Overview



Add a Donation thru the Order Window



Refund a Ticket to a Donation  

Create a Campaign  


Pledged Donations  


How to Toggle Between Individual & Corporate Donations  



How to Make a Donation Anonymous  


Soft Credits  

Matching Gifts Part 1 - Setting up the Gifter  


Matching Gifts Part 2 - Adding Gift to a Donation, Running a Report  


Gift In Kind  


Deleting and Refunding Donations  



Personnel/Volunteer Management

Volunteer Overview


Add, Change and Delete a Volunteer's Postions


Add a Volunteer's Activity History


Add, Change and Delete a Volunteer's Available Time


Theatre Maps

Adding a Theatre Map to Theatre Manager Quick Reference Guide


Editing Tools Cheatsheet

Changing Theatre Manager's Appearance for Buttons and Labels

Step 1 - Add a Venue and Create a Graphic Pricing Map

Step 2 - Add Seats to the Graphic Pricing Map

Step 3 - Creating the Logical Seat Numbers

Other Materials: