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Reveal Dashboards

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Reveal is the Theatre Manager web application that provides insights into your sales data and operations using graphical dashboard widgets.

Graphs in the Reveal dashboards are LIVE. This means that when you are watching a dashboard, if ticket or donation is taken, it will change the appropriate graph in real time.
If Reveal is already set up on your site, refer to Connecting to Reveal for more info. It will be a URL like:

Prerequisites for using Reveal

Reveal requires the following in order to be used:

  1. Web Sales set up and running for your venue with an external domain pointing to it like It will require:
    • That you are using TM Server Nginx Setup for the main web server. Apache will not work and those computers will need migrated to TM Server.
    • some configuration of the Director, depending on your current TM Server setup - to get live charts.
  2. An employee account set up in Theatre Manager with:
  3. A recent version of a browser like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Edge that supports PCI defined 'high encryption' (essentially TLS 1.2 or later).

    This includes

    • Most operating systems, tablets and smart phones with recent enough browsers.
    • It has been tested on:
      • Windows XP using Google Chrome version 49
      • Windows 7 or later using IE 11+, Edge 14+, Chrome 58+, Firefox 53+ or Opera 45+
      • OSX 10.6.8 to 10.8.5 using Firefox ESR 45 release or some other versions of Chrome or Firefox. Safari will not work
      • OSX 10.9 or later with Safari 7.1+, Chrome 58+, Firefox 53+ or Opera 45+
      • iOS 10 (iphone or iPad)
      • Recent Android devices should work

    This excludes:

    • Safari on OSX 10.8.5 or earlier - please upgrade OSX (its free) or use one of the other browsers
    • IE10 or earlier - Use one of the other browsers, upgrade to Edge, or upgrade your OS
    • Older tablets or smart phones with older browsers