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Web Queue Setup

Web servers will generally handle average traffic on most days. This is true of all web servers, everywhere, such as Google, Apple, Amazon

However, there are instances when every web server in the world can get overwhelmed with requests and no amount of hardware can prevent it. Theatre Manager offers you a choice of two queueing system that are designed to become involved in periods of high load to mitigate overloading your systems.

When implemented, a Queue:

Emailing PDF e-ticket options

When emailing tickets, the options on the window below are:

  • Tickets as attachments

    Selecting how you want the tickets attachments on the right side will show the feedback in the attachment list. The default for this window is set in company preferences, web options, Ticket Delivery Options/Fees

    Choices are:

Ramifications of different Venue Orientation

You can change the performance from one venue to another. There are situations to consider, which may alter what you want to do:
  • Case 1: all general admission performances
  • Case 2: reserved seating performance with nothing sold to it yet
  • Case 3: changing maps to a venue with the same orientation, seating and capacity - probably duplicated from another map and created for price zone changes
  • Case 4: changing map for another venue with completely different seating, orientation, size and with tickets sold


Gifted Patron Selection

This option only applies to mail merges or reports based on ticket data per performance. This generally means house reports, ticket inventory reports, course attendance, or letters based on tickets

Donations HAVING given in more than xx years

How to find people who have given:

  • between xx times in the past number of years
  • more than a xx times in the past number of years
the trick is that you need a combination of normal criteria to limit the donations you are looking for and a having clause to count what you have found and eliminate those that don't meet the count.


Sample Donation Scenarios and how to enter them

For more information on the features of the donation module, you may wish to refer to a number of cheatsheet and videos.


What are some sample Donation Scenarios?

Payment Method Variations

Changing the payment method will change the area on this window to be specific to the needs of the payment method. For example, credit card payments need a credit card. Cash payments have different needs.

refer to the following sub windows to see how things changed for some key payment methods

Mail Lists explained through a Venn Diagram

A Venn Diagram is a great way to illustrate criteria for more complex mail lists. Most people find building criteria for a simple mail list fairly straight forward. For example:
  • find all patrons who donated money this year
  • find all patrons who donated money last year
  • find all patrons who donated money any year before this year
  • find all Patrons who donated in a specific period to certain campaigns

Impact of Changing a Merchant Provider

Changing your Bank is not the same as changing your merchant provider. You can change either/or at any time. Refer to the basic definitions used the credit card industry for more information on roles and responsibilities of either.

Background Reporting Queue

Background reporting is when you ask Theatre Manager to run a report and instead of running it on your workstation, you send it to the queue. If there is a web listener set up to handle background reporting, the report will be run on the first available reporter and then placed into your queue for you to view.

This gives you two options. Run a report:


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