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Gifted Patron Selection

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This option only applies to mail merges or reports based on ticket data per performance. This generally means house reports, ticket inventory reports, course attendance, or letters based on tickets

For any ticket or course is sold to a patron, you can specify a person (other than the purchaser), who will use the ticket by gifting the ticket to this person.

A gifted ticket is always owned by the purchaser. Gifting to other patrons may occur for reasons like:

  • A Parent registered for a course for their child
  • A Corporation bought 10 tickets to a fundraiser and gave them to specific employees
  • A person may have bought a subscription on behalf of their friends and you want to track who has certain tickets
  • For social distancing (covid), you might ask who the attendee will be and gift them the ticket

When you run a report or mail merge, this allows two options. Click

  • Find Sold To patron if you always want to see the purchasers name on a merge or report.
  • Find Gifted To patron if you want to see the patron who the ticket was gifted to on the report or merge. If the ticket is not gifted, the original purchasers name will be shown.