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Titles & Formatting Tab

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Parts of the Formatting Tab

If available, uses the default search criteria for this report.
If this report has previously been run, this button will add the previous criteria.
Opens a list of saved criteria for this report.
Saves the current criteria to be used later.
Saves the current criteria to be used later and opens a dialog to name this criteria.

Page Header Titles

Use default report title If enabled, the default report tile will print. If disabled, you can specify a specific title for the report.
Title Enter the title you want the report to have.
Display employee full name The name of the employee logged into Theatre Manager will print on the report.
Description You can enter a description of the report and/or the criteria you have selected.


Subtotal Indent When checked, the indent of the subtotal will be adjusted. Adjust the indent by changing the number in the text field.
Column Gap When checked, the gap between columns will be adjusted. Adjust the actual gap by changing the number in the text field.
Copy and Paste Compatibility When checked, additional adjustments to the spacing will be done to allow for easier copying and pasting of the report into another document.
No Subtotal Headers When checked, the page headers will be adjusted to only fit on one line.
Force Portrait When checked, the report will print in portrait format.
Force Landscape When checked, the report will print in landscape format.
Returns to the previous tab.
Cancels that adding of criteria and returns the user to the Report window.
Completes the addition of criteria and the sorting of data, and begins to generate the report. Click here for more information on the Finished Report window.
If selected, the report will be sent to the background report generator (requires a TM server enabled for this purpose) so that you can continue working while the servers generate your reports.