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Enabling Background Report Generation

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Enabling a TM Server to provide background report generation services requires four steps. You must:

  • Be running the TM server on a 64 bit server capable of running the 64 bit version of TM.
  • Click the check box Enable 64 bit Classic Listeners and Reporters
  • Lower in the page, you must indicate how many reporters you want to run on this machine
  • Enable background reporting in System Preferences before the Reporter processes will start up. This last setting enables you to quickly disable background reporting during a large onsales where you'd prefer your listeners to be doing web sales.

    Note: if this is not enabled, an employee can still add reports to the queue, they will just need to run them manually when they go for coffee or take an extended break.

  • Enabling appropriate employees to use the Report Queue in their employee preferences report tab


Considerations for setting up Reporters

Reporter processes use CPU resources when they are running a report and that may be in conflict with resources required if your venue requires the machines for web sales. You can manage how you set up reporters with the following considerations:

  • While, every web listener should be set to enable 64 bit if possible, you can assign zero as the number of reporters. If there are no reporter processes, the specific machine will not run reports in the background and have no deleterious effect on web sales
  • You can set only some listeners to provide reporting services
  • You can also dedicate machine(s) to be only reporting engines by:
    • Setting Web Listeners to zero
    • Setting Classic Web Listeners to zero
    • Setting HouseKeepers to one
    • Setting Reporters to one - or more if you want the machine to be able to run simultaneous web listeners