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Monitoring Theatre Manager Services

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You can quickly monitor the overall health of the Theatre Manager system with simple URL. If that does not respond as expected, there are some other things that you can do monitor the internal components. The following table gives you some ways to check the system and diagnose what is working and what is not.

ArtsMan uses open source software called Nagios to check your 'ticketing' web site every 90 seconds via the top link in the table below (Ubuntu install instructions for technically minded).

The monitoring is a free service. Our support team monitors this tool through out the day and if we notice outages during normal support hours (Monday-Friday 8-5 MST, excluding holidays), we will try to let you know. However, it is not substitute for your own monitoring services.


Item Purpose Monitoring Tool Expected Results
1 Verify entire system is up

This sends a web request asking for the time from the web services. If you get the results expected, then the database, web server, TM listener and classic listener are all working

Web page with the text TIME=20 somewhere in it
2 Verify everything but classic listeners running If the probe in #1 (above) fails, then sending the same command without '?force_proxy' tests to see if all but classic listeners are runing Web page with the text TIME=20 somewhere in it
3 Verify Web Server is up

If the probes in #1 and 2 fail, his tests to see if NGINX is up

The url should generally change to

It means you should get a re-direct.

4 Verify Domain or Router in terminal or dos prompt, type:


you should see the static IP address for the outside your router. If you see that but get no other response to the above, then your web site is there, but perhaps your router is down.
5a Verify Database Server is Running Start up Theatre Manager on the database server machine. You should see the login window with the list of users. If so, skip to #6. If not, check that services are running.
  • OSX:, you should see 'postgres' in the activity monitor.
  • Windows: you should see postgres in the list of tasks.

Otherwise refer to starting and stopping the service for the appropriate platform.

5b Verify Database Server Running If nothing else seems to be running, you can test to see if the database server is working by remoting into the machine with the database server on it. Look for the program called 'pgadmin' and start it up.

It will have a list of connections. Pick the connection that is localhost or and double click on it. You may need to know the password.

You should see a list of databases.
6 Verify NGINX server is running If you cannot see your web services externally from probe #1, you can test the server internally using:

If you see the message on the web page The stage is set! then the TM server is running, but may not be configured for some services.
7a Verify TM Web Services are running Access the Director using

If you do this on each machine that is running the Director, it will tell you which components of the TM server are running on the machine and which are down, stopped, or in error

The Director web page with with a status showing that listeners, housekeepers, etc are up and running.

If you do not see this, it is stopped

7b Verify TM Web Services are running


You can also look to see if the service 'Theatre Manager Server' is running using the services control panel.


  • you can use the terminal commands to unload and reload the service to restart it
  • you can use tail to watch the log

    sudo tail -f /var/root/Library/Logs/Theatre\ Manager\ Server/activity.log

After playing with the service and/or restarting it, go back to '5a' to see if the director is running.