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Services Configuration

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The Theatre Manager Server provides all web services. It is designed with the following criteria in mind:

  • Deliver performance by
    • Taking advantage of multiple CPU's on current machines by setting up multiple processes
    • Providing background worker processes that automatically take care of longer processes such as email or cart cleanup
    • Providing support for the standard Apache or Nginx Load Balancer for multiple servers
  • Simplify Setup and Management by
    • Handling web services for all outlets in one server while preserving branding for each outlet
    • Run as a service that will automatically restart in case of failure or machine restart
    • Being aware of system updates and automatically intalling them in the background with no outage.
  • Increase Deployment Options by
    • Running on OSX and Windows (linux possible in future)
    • Providing support for other high performance web servers (currently NGINX)

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