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Editing the Host file for Windows

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Troubleshooting generally depends on the behaviour of the DNS within the firewall and the operating system you use. Windows machines sometimes need a helping hand.

The best approach is to put an entry within the internal DNS server to point '' directly to the internal address of the apache server.

If that is not possible, an entry in the hosts file of each web listener that points to the apache server may be needed. If the Web Listeners start up and are able to find the '', this step is not needed. If they do startup but they seem to be ignored by apache very quickly, this step will be needed.

# Description
1 Open My Computer.
2 Navigate to c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/ (or where the windows system32 directory is located).
3 Right click on the Hosts file.
4 Select Open With... WordPad.
5 Add the IP address of the Apache machine followed by the online sales domain.

6 Click File >> Save.
6 Close the Host file.