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PostgreSQL Database Server

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The following instructions are used to set up a PostgreSQL server for use with the Theatre Manager application. Please follow the directions appropriate for the server platform you are using.

  • Installation on a Macintosh
  • Installation on Windows
  • Postgres will run on Linux and other Unix variants. You will have to install the server yourself by obtaining it from the PostgreSQL web site and follow much of the Macintosh setup steps for configuration and backups. We do not provide automatic installers or configuration/operational support for Linux servers.

The server only needs to be set up on one machine where you want the database to reside. Theatre Manager can be set up on as many machines as you wish.

Only install virus software on the PostgreSQL Server under very controlled circumstances and never allow virus scanners to scan the actual Postgres database directories.

Do not join a domain to limit the people who can see or get into the machine remotely.

If you are using PCI schedule 'C' compliance, credit card information will never pass through the database and it can effectively be taken out of PCI scope.

Refer to Postgres security notices for list of security issues addressed in each version.