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Windows PostgreSQL Server

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The following instructions are used to set up a Windows PostgreSQL server for use with the Theatre Manager application. Click if you are doing Mac or Unix setup.

The server needs to be set up on one machine and the application can be set up on as many machines as you wish.

Follow these steps if you are using the TMPostgresSetup installer program and you may want to bookmark this page in your browser in case you want to refer to these installation steps. If you are only installing a demo, refer to the last column for the required steps.

task Description Full Install Demo
1 Download the Postgres installer for Windows yes yes
2 The installation of the PostgreSQL server. Please make sure to read any caveats for the version of Windows you are using. yes yes
3 Installing the demo database and the main Theatre Manager User optional yes
4 Configuration of the server parameters for maximizing performance in a production database yes  
5 Creating a daily backup job in TM Server yes  
6 Considerations for installing virus protection on the PostgreSQL server - please do not include the Postgres data folder. yes  
7 Turn off Microsoft disk indexing on the volume that the database is running on. yes  
8 Turn off Microsoft Auto Updates on the database server so that it will not restart in the middle of sales. Applying Microsoft patches and updates should be done on a planned basis -- perhaps bi-weekly or monthly as a practice (or immediately if there is a current threat) yes  

Notes and Assumptions:

  • This install process assumes you have NEVER installed PostgreSQL or Theatre Manager on your computer before. If you have, you may need to refer to Updating PostgreSQL Instructions
  • You MUST turn off all virus protection while running the installer (especially Norton if you are using it). Virus software always interferes with proper software installation.
  • If this installer is being used to create a demo installation, then you only really need do steps 1, 2 and 3.
  • This process assumes that you have never installed Theatre Manager or PostgreSQL on your machine. If you have already installed PostgreSQL:
    • you will be asked if you want to un-install PostgreSQL (you may want to do that and then try to re-install after)
    • you may need to remove the 'postgres' user from your computer if one exists; unless you know the existing password for the postgres user.