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Community: the Theatre Manager Discussion Forum

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We are excited to announce Community; a forum for Theatre Manager users to meet and share questions, tips, tricks and news with each other. A number of categories have been set up to explore. You will also find past issues of Three Thought Thursday and some lunch and learn videos created by Proctors. Community is searchable; if you don't see what you are looking for, type something in the search box and see what pops up.


This extends existing support forums so that you have:
  • Community: a forum for Theatre Manager users to share business practices and cool solutions amongst each other.
  • Emailing the Artsman support team at support at artsman . com to create a support ticket in our incident reporting system
  • The TM User Conferences which are designed to bring people face to face for in-depth and informative discussions on current topics of interest.
  • which describes how various parts of the system work and what fields mean.
  • Three Thought Thursday - a weekly email containing a cool picture and 3 short tips on features available in Theatre Manager. We try to make these topical to the annual business cycle and/or to introduce new features. Contact sales at artsman . com if you are not receiving these and wish to get them - they are very popular

Please join us and check out Community!