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Upgrading Theatre Manager

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On a regular basis, Arts Management make updates to Theatre Manager available for all organizations having a valid support agreement. There is no set schedule for updates as the development team continually improves the software by adding features that are requested by users, required to meet government regulations or PCI requirements.

Updates for any version are cumulative and include all changes to prior versions. That means if you decide skip a version or two, the version you take will have all changes that have been made since the version you have.

Please review the release notes for your current version and forward. There are a number of general steps you need follow for each upgrade. If there are any specifics for an upgrade, you will find that noted for that version. If you have skipped versions, then you need to read and do all the steps for any skipped versions at the same time.

Meaning of Version Numbers

Version numbers will be the best way to determine the scope of change in any update. Using Version 10.07.24 as an example in the first column;

Purpose Description Time Reqd.
10 PCI Audit This number only changes for the purposes of a PCI audit/assessment and/or significant changes to credit card security and/or processing. Considerations are:
  • May involve updating the version of Postgres Server to the latest version used in the PCI testing (usually optional)
  • Server Updates are automatically be delivered via TM Server
  • Workstation updates are delivered by TM server. Any walk around install will have a prior notification for the user to download an installer.
  • During this type of upgrade, everyone in the organization can continue use Theatre Manager, unless the database server version is requested to be updated.
1 to 10 minutes

30 to 60 minutes, if database is updated

07 Major Update A major update incorporates new features added to the CRM component of Theatre Manager.
  • Major Updates of the Theatre Manager software are done automatically, typically Sunday or Monday Night.
  • Database fields are added and completed instantly.
  • Background jobs will backfill the data for the new fields to ensure minimum downtime
  • Everyone in the organization can continue use Theatre Manager without interruption.
  • Might involve a walk around install of Theatre Manager. Other components generally do not change.
1 to 5 minutes
24 Minor Update These are usually bug fixes and minor enhancements with limited scope change to existing features.
  • Minor updates will be installed automatically at any time (generally Sunday or Monday nights)
  • Everyone in the organization can continue use Theatre Manager without interruption.
  • The user will get the next version at next login with no disruption to work flow
1-2 seconds

When downloading any update for Theatre Manager, please make sure your personal firewall is turned on per PCI requirement 1.4