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Backing up your Database

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There are a couple of key reasons to do an additional backup of tour database.
  • In anticipation of doing a mass import or mass purge of data that cannot be undone except for a restore from a daily backup.
  • Doing a year-end backup or point-in-time image of the system, you must backup the database.

Saving a Database

The database backup process can be automated and should have been set up for you during installation or conversion. If not, follow the instructions above, or contact Arts Management Systems support at

If the backups processes were created, you should have at least one recent backup. To create another one, simply follow the instructions and run the appropriate backup script on the database server machine.

  1. On a Mac, this generally means opening terminal and typing:

    php  /Users/Shared/backupTM.php

    Refer to the installation instructions regarding backups

  2. On a PC, it means going to C:/BoxOffice directory and running the 'BackupTM.bat' file on the Database server and double clicking on it. Refer to the installation instructions regarding backups

In either case, make sure there is a new backup in the 'Backups' directory that has 'yyyymmdd_mmhhss' as part of the file name where the date is in the last few minutes at the most.

Backup Strategies

There is a good discussion of backup strategies and decent backup devices on the internet. Please read about why you should do backups and how often. We recommend upwards of 20 to 30 backup generations.