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General Upgrade Steps

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Preparing for a walk around Update

Most updates will be pulled from the database and will self update. You should not need to follow this process very often.

During a walk around update, you may need to run the appropriate installer on each machine before Theatre Manager can be used on that workstation.

If using 32 bit Theatre Manager, we recommend downloading and installing 64 bit.

  1. Download the latest TM updater(s). If you use both Mac and PC, make sure to download the update for both platforms. Save them on a shared directory or a USB key so that you only need to download once.
  2. Read the release notes for any prior version and make note of any directions you need to follow that are pertinent to your operation.


Doing the Actual Update

  1. Install the Theatre Manager upgrade on one of the machines and start the application.
  2. Follow any of the upgrade instructions pertinent to this upgrade you noted from the release notes.


After the Upgrade Completes

  1. If you need to make any changes to the web pages per the release notes, make a backup of the web pages before changing anything.
  2. Always verify that your web services are running after any upgrade.

    • Go to your ticketing web site
    • find an event to buy online
    • add it to your cart
    • Go to the check out page and complete the order (you may need to log in).
    If you can see all these pages, it further confirms that the upgrade is complete and web sales are running.