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Upgrade Options for Theatre Manager

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Compliance Statement Required by PCI Council
The PCI council represents the credit card companies. They dictate to vendors that products must be assessed, certified and approved by them in order to appear on the list of 'Accepted Products'. Theatre Manager is certified to PA-DSS (2.0) compliance. As a requirement of the PCI Council certification, ArtsMan hereby advises your organization of the their compliance statement.

Installing Theatre Manager to be PCI Compliant
Data security is your organization's responsibility. Instructions on how to install Theatre Manager to be PCI compliant can be found at Network Diagram for PCI Compliance

Upgrade Support Services provided by ArtsMan
Contracting ArtsMan’s support services does not absolve your organization of maintaining Theatre Manager in a PCI compliant manner. When an organization requests ArtsMan support services to perform Theatre Manager component updates on your behalf, then it is responsibility of the organization to use the Theatre Manager system in a PCI compliant manner. It's acknowledged and understood that maintaining PCI compliance is a requirement of any and all valid merchant accounts for the processing of credit card transactions.

You have some options available to you when you want to update Theatre Manager.

You may:

  • Choose to self-install all the components required for the Version Upgrade. There is NO COST for a self-install.
  • - OR -
  • Contract Arts Management Systems to perform the work for you on a fee for service basis. This work is no part of your annual support and maintenance agreement as it falls outside of normal support. Upgrading costs $100/hr to a maximum of $400.00. - OR -
  • take a hybrid approach and do some of the work yourself and ask us to do some parts of it