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Self upgrade option

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We try hard to provide instructions so that a venue can do all updates themselves. However, there may be several components in the general upgrade process that need changed.

Please refer to the Release Notes for the complete installation requirements. Depending what needs updated, the process can take from half an hour to a day, and should be performed by proficient IT personnel.

The following are generally updated for you automatically:

The following may need to be manually updated periodically:

Most of the Theatre Manager components are updated automatically for you - so it is rare to need to think about updates other than database or customized web pages (and only periodically). Please read the release notes

If you choose to self-install, and then require support assistance, the regular hourly billable rate of $100 per hour will be applicable. Please note that support for a self installation is not covered under the After Hours Emergency Support contract. Please plan your time accordingly to ensure that if you do have questions, Arts Management support will be available to assist you.