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Updating Customized Web Pages

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These steps have changed if you are using GIT to store your web pages and to get new ones

Only two folders inside the WebPagesEN folder should have custom changes in them. These are called

  • tmCustom to simplify tracking of the few custom pages at the venue.
  • tmGifs that has your custom images and style sheet changes.

Refer to instructions on customizing web pages

Updating Customized Web Sites

When a new version of Theatre Manager or Apache is released, there may be some changes to standard web pages. If so, then you should make sure you:

  1. back up your existing htdocs web page folder before changing anything. Make sure you have a copy of everything stored safely and/or zipped up to prevent accidental changing.
  2. Download the latest web pages from ArtsMan in one of two ways:
    • Download the latest version of web pages from the link that is provided at the end of the release notes for the version you are updating to -or-
    • (Optionally) Update the Apache Server to the latest version if you wish. This second approach means:
      • The latest apache installer has the web pages for the latest released version and any updated apache config settings to address any PCI issues
      • You will need to save the old conf folder and do some comparisons of settings and retain the SSL certificates
      • You will need to save the old htdocs folder for comparison purposes
  3. Assuming that customizations only exist in the TMCustom folder, then all you generally need to do is the steps below:
    • Open the new htdocs folder that you just downloaded (or installed) and find the WebPagesEn folder
    • Copy the old tmGifs folder from the saved webPagesEN folder into the new WebPagesEN folder
      • It is rare that new styles are added to the stylePages.css style sheet. If they are mentioned in the release notes, then do a comparison between the old stylesheets in tmGifs to the new ones before replacing.
    • Copy the old tmCustom folder from the saved webPagesEN folder into the new WebPagesEN folder
  4. Make any page updates necessary to implement new features into previously changed pages in tmCustom:
    • Look in tmCustom and change the specific pages indicated on the release notes if you want to implement the new feature - or -
    • Compare all pages in the tmCustom folder with those in WebPageEN using one of the free automated comparison tools to identify differences. Copy relevant changes from the files in WebPagesEN to those in TMCustom