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Update or Remove PostgreSQL

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If you have already installed the Postgres database engine on your Macintosh server and need to update it, then follow the appropriate update steps. This also indicates when to make a backup after everybody has been locked out of the database.

Updating Postgres

Download the latest Postgres installer from the ArtsMan web site. Once you have it, make sure you have done the following steps:

  1. Check the version of Postgres you are running. This is in the 'About Theatre Manager' menu. Look at the bottom left of the 'about Theatre Manager' screen. You will see your database name followed by a number such as (9.4.x) or (9.3.x) etc. Record this version for later.
  2. Log everybody out of Theatre Manager, including
    • Any user at the login window and/or
    • The second generation TM Server and/or
    • Classic web listeners
  3. (optional) If you are worried that staff people might log in to Theatre Manager while the upgrade is happening, use PGAdmin (Tools->Server Configuration menu) to edit the pg_hba.conf file to restrict access and
    • Comment out any access that is allowed from any another IP address - and only allow access from You do this by double clicking on the row containing the IP address and unchecking it.
    • Reload (or restart) the Postgres server configuration to make sure no other user would be able to log in and disrupt the upgrade.
  4. Make sure you have made a backup of the database, using the procedures in the daily backup job process. (only after everybody is logged out).
  5. Once you have confirmed the backup exists and have made another copy of that in a different place (just to be safe), then follow the specific instructions for updating the same version or from an older version as required. Refer back to the version of the database that you recorded in the first step above
  6. After the database has been restored, edit the pg_hba.conf and
    • Uncomment any access that you removed previously
    • Reload (or restart) the Postgres server configuration and make sure others can now log in.
  7. Restart any web services