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Architecture and Network Settings

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Theatre Manager Server is required for Version 10 and is designed to take advantage of the power of machines with multiple cpu cores and works more efficiently as the number of cores is increased.

You can install for Macintosh 64 bit (for OSX 10.6.8 or greater) or Windows (XP and up).


The diagram below illustrates the typical web infrastructure setup. To handle more load you can do one of 3 things:

  1. Increase the number of services that a machine can handle (assuming there is enough ram and CPU's)
  2. Add another machine to handle mores services (in the protected area) and tell the server (in the protected area) about them
  3. Replace a smaller machine with a larger machine and add more services to it

Process Flow

  • A patron uses their web browser to initiate a web sales request.
  • The request is sent to the firewall/router
  • It passes through the router to a Theatre Manager Server (configured as a Web Server/load Balancer
  • The web server looks for a TM Server (configured for services) in the protected area that has the availability to handle the request and passes it though to it
  • While handing the request, the service may ask for custom web pages from the web server. If there are no custom pages, it uses the latest built in pages deployed with the TM Server