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Web Server Configuration

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The diagram below illustrates a simple setup for the web services process that will be fine for most venues that only need one machine for web listeners. The simply configuration is designed so that all traffic goes through single inbound ports and is load balanced at each machine.

It can also be used in the vast majority of situations with moderate web sales requirements, even if you have:

  • one or more machine dedicated to web services -and-
  • multiple cores on each machine (4 or more is better) -and-
  • machines that are roughly equivalent -and-
  • each machine can have services for all outlets

Traffic flow for Simple Setup of Theatre Manager Server

  • All web traffic for '' flows through the router and firewall on ports 80 and 443
  • The firewall passes traffic to Apache on ports 80 and 443
  • Apache has a load balancer that forwards traffic to each Theatre Manager Server machine on port 5000.
  • If and web service on the Theatre Manage Server need a template web page, it asks apache for it (on port 80 or 443)
  • All completed web pages flow back to the patron.

For this setup to work, each machine must have:

  • One or more second generation listener processes
  • One of more classic listeners, sufficient to handle the load requested of it from that machine
The custom setup option can route traffic through more pathways and should only be used for complex environments, requiring the extended capabilities.