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2010 - December 2010 Newsletter

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The December ArtsMan Chronicle contains a number of 'how tos' about adding Google Analytics to your web pages, mapping some patrons on Google maps and ad the hot seat analyser. We also welcome new venues to Theatre Manager.

it has been an exciting summer since the release of Version 9 and the latest version is 9.04.12. For any venue currently using version 9, we recommend upgrading to this version as soon as possible as it addresses an important issue where best seat searching could cause a web listeners to continually try to find seats on a nearly full venue.

Version 9.05 is in the works. It will have a significant expansion in the scope of the Facility Management module - and billing for events in your venue, including incidentals like staffing, resources, and consumables like coffee and refreshments will be available - all thanks to the feedback for those who are using the system. We appreciate your help.

In June we underwent the PA-DSS 1.2 audit for PCI compliance and passed successfully - thanks to our auditors 'Security Metrics'. Theatre Manager is currently sitting in front of the PCI council for final acceptance and we are advised that they are as much as 6 months behind in looking at a deluge of applications to meet their deadline. So, while we thought being fully prepared months in advance would work to the benefit of all, we are still waiting. Rest assured, it is coming (see the attached letter on this subject from our assessor).

A final note on PCI compliance for those who are using PCI scans, there is a new version of the Apache Installer to take you to version 2.2.17 and a specific advisory about FileEtag that may assist addressing results on some recent scans.