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Exceptional Customer Support

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Providing exceptional customer support and developing trust with our customers is something that takes a long time to create, while at the same time is something that rapidly degrades without proper care and attention.

When we develop that trust and mutual understanding with our customers; all aspects of Arts Managements relationship with that customer improves, including sales, references, ease of answering future support questions, onsite training, etc.

Customer satisfaction is completely within the Support Team’s roles and responsibilities because they interact with the customer most often after the initial sale.

Support Mission

Provide prompt and accurate customer support the first time upholding to the corporate goals and image every time the client requires assistance, by using past experience, existing tools, and carefully proven methods.


The goal is excellent customer service. We will try to quantify it this way such that the initial response to:

  • a phone call is within 4 hours of receiving a voice mail, and within the day that it occurs if it's not in the last hour of the day. Phone support is not intended to be carried over to the next day.
  • an email request is within 4 hours of receiving the email. Next day email response to a late day email is satisfactory.
  • Observe PA DSS PCI requirements at all times when providing support, especially for remote access and managing customer data