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Making Changes to Your Web Pages

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Making Custom Changes to Web Pages

This means:

  • You find the page you want to change within the WebPagesEN folder you downloaded containing the standard pages. There are:
    • comments in each web page that tells you what the name of the main web page is and/or
    • The name of the include file containing some of the more detail web code.
  • COPY that page to the same folder location inside the live WebPagesEN folder (location found using this web page) so that only pages that are changed are inside the live web pages. We suspect you might have only a few changed pages
  • Adding any new images and style sheet changes to the 'tmGifs' folder
This means that any future web page changes are easily delpoyed by Arts Management and you need to only compare the changed pages with any new standard page.

Reverting to standard pages becomes as simple as renaming the WebPagesEN folder to something else temporarily.