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Making Changes to Your Web Pages

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Only two folders inside the WebPagesEN folder should have custom changes in them. These are called

  • tmCustom to simplify tracking of the few custom pages at the venue.
  • tmGifs that has your custom images and style sheet changes.

Making Custom Changes to Web Pages

This means:

  • You find the page you want to change within the htdocs/1/WebPagesEN folder
  • COPY that page to the same folder location inside tmCustom so that only pages that are changed are inside tmCustom. We suspect you might have only a few changed pages
  • Adding any new images and style sheet changes to the 'tmGifs' folder
This means that any future web page changes are easily made by copying all new pages to replace the existing ones and then automatically comparing only those in tmCustom (and tmGifs) with those in the standard directories to see if you want to implement any new feature.

Reverting to standard pages becomes as simple as renaming the tmCustom folder to something else temporarily.


Web page changes noted as 'mandatory' often means there is a new function or new data field in the HTML forms required by the web listener. If that is the case, you must copy in your custom changes and replace with the new file.

If you are updating across multiple versions of Theatre Manager at one time, you will need to examine previous release notes to see if there are any web page changes changes noted in those release notes. If you download the latest web pages for your version, they will contain, you can make them all changes for all versions at one time.