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Backing up your Web Pages

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The web pages for Theatre Manager are contained within the 'htdocs' folder of the Apache server. In order to back them up, you will need to know which machine is acting as the apache server.

  1. Find a folder on your computer called /Library/Apache2/htdocs.
  2. Right click and 'Compress' the entire contents of the htdocs folder to create a gzip archive. it will probably end up being called '' and you may want to rename it to '' where yymmdd is the current year/month/day
  3. optionally, simply copy the entire folder to another folder on your machine
  4. put a copy of the web pages on a second machine to ensure you have a backup of the web pages that are not on your machine
  1. Double click on 'My Computer' (unless you renamed it) and look for a folder called 'Apache24'.
  2. Zip up the entire htdocs folder and name the archive '' where yymmdd is the current year/month/day
  3. Copy the zipped archive to another machine for safe keeping