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Backing up your Web Pages

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The web pages for Theatre Manager are contained where they were placed them on the primary TM server. The process for finding this location is the same for mac and windows machines:
  1. Log into the machine that is the primary TM server
  2. Open your browser. You should be using the latest version of that browser available - eg if you are using Firefox, chrome or opera, please check for updates before continuing and install those updates.
  3. Type into the URL area and ensure that the TM server interface responds
  4. Click on the Configure tab as indicated below
  5. Scroll down looking for the Templates folder. If you:
    • See a folder pathname, then you have the right machine and now know where your custom templates are stored. It is typically /BoxOffice/WebPages on Mac or C:\BoxOffice\WebPages on Windows
    • do not see the highlighted information, you are probably looking at a Secondary TM Server and need to go find the machine that has the Primary TM Server