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Files that are 'green'

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Recent versions of windows can make your web files appear 'Green'. This is especially true if you took your web pages to another machine, compared them and returned them to the original machine as a zipped file.

If you notice your file names are green, Windows will go to great lengths to protect itself from reading them and you may see messages on the web indicating that the files cannot be found or read -- yet you see them in front of you.

The solution, fortunately, is simple.

  • Select all the files and folders that have green file names
  • Right click and select properties from the context menu
  • Go to the Advanced Properties
  • Uncheck the box that says 'Encrypt Contents To Secure Data' as per the picture to the right
  • Save all the changes for the files and folders and files within the folders
  • that should change the colour of the file names from green to black - and the file system should now see them.