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Theatre Manager Desktop Application

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Installing or Updating??

Installing or Updating Theatre Manager is a similar process. If you do not already have the latest TM installer, you can obtain in one of three ways:

  • If you have Theatre Manager, you can check to see if an update is available which you can copy to any machine, even one without TM on it.
  • If TM notices an out-of-date component, it downloads the latest installer while you work and prompts for an update when you log in.
  • If you are new to Theatre Manager, you will have been provided a link in an email

Once you have the latest available version of the Theatre Manager installer/updater, please follow the specific instructions for:

  • Macintosh - macOS 11 Monterey and later recommended - MacOS 12 Big Sur and later will work with 64 bit -or-
  • Windows - Windows 11 recommended - Windows 8.1 or later will work for 64-bit
  • using the General Upgrade Steps as an overall guide.


If you set the PCI setting in Theatre Manager 'C', credit cards are never placed in the database. Thee card information is merely passed to the processor and immediately forgotten.
Running an upgrade will, if appropriate, automatically generate a random new PCI seed key and re-encrypt credit cards using the new key. In the process, this destroys any previous crypto keys per PCI DSS standard 3.6.

Credit cards that have been shredded are not affected by the re-encryption process.

Refer to re-encrypting cards if you wish to do this manually.

Theatre Manager has never stored CVV2, Track II or any other non PCI compliant information so removal is not necessary per PCI DSS standard 3.3.

  • Version 8 was certified under PABP 1.4. This audit provided verifiability that there was no CVV2 data.
  • Version 9 was certified under PA-DSS 1.2, also verifying there was no CVV2 data.
  • Version 10 was certified under PA-DSS 2.0, also verifying there was no CVV2 data
  • Version 10.6 was certified under PA-DSS 3.1, also verifying there was no CVV2 data
  • Version 11.0 was certified under PA-DSS 3.2.1, also verifying there was no CVV2 data
  • Future versions will never have any protected data as per PCI requirements.