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AMS Cloud Setup

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If your database is not in the cloud, pick Local Database and follow instructions for Changing Database. You may have to unclick/click 'Default Port' to allow you to enter the IP address of the database.
If your database for Theatre Manager is stored in the AMS cloud, the steps to log in to the AMS cloud and connect to your database are:

  1. Start Theatre Manager.
    • If you have never been connected to a database before, you will immediately see a dialog asking you to select a database. Select <AMS Cloud Database> from the popup list.

    • If you have previously connected to a Theatre Manager database before, you will see the familiar list of users. Click the Change DB button at the bottom left of the screen and then follow the instructions above.
  2. You will be prompted with a dialog asking you to:
    • enter the unique Private Cloud Key that you have been given
    • the Private Cloud Password specific to your venue
    Enter both items above and you will be connected to your database in the AMS cloud

  3. If there:
    • Are two or more databases in your cloud setup (eg: your main database and a training one), then you will be asked to pick your database.
    • Only one database available in your cloud setup, you will be taken directly to the next step.
  4. You will see a list of people who can login

  5. Double click to select one and enter your password

Any database in the AMS cloud is automatically set to Schedule 'C' PCI Compliance and no credit cards are ever stored on the database.

You cannot change the minimum PCI settings. You can enhance settings by restricting which workstations in your environment can take credit cards.

If there users at the venue with different local time zones, you may need to provide the LocalTimeZone parameter in the Theatre Manager preferences file. This is only needed if the users time zone does not match the time zone setting in the company preferences->Report/Misc tab