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Theatre Manager preference file

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The preference settings text or plist file is unique to each machine and is stored in the standard preferences location defined by Microsoft and Apple. These may vary depending on operating system and version that you are using.

MyUser represents the user you are logged in as. This means that each user of Theatre Manager on a shared machine will have their own preferences:

Operating system Generic Location Typical Path name
OS-X HOME ~/Library/Preferences/TheatreManager/TheatreManager.plist

The preferences files is the same location for all OSX verisons, but how to you get there? Read about Apple hiding the folder from the user.

note: To access the Library file,

  • Go to the Finder
  • Click on the Go menu
  • Click the SHIFT key on Sierra. (Some earlier versions of OSX user the OPTION key instead).
  • The Library menu will appear
Windows LOCALAPPDATA C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\TheatreManager\TheatreManager.txt

you can find the 'LOCALAPPDATA' value for the user using the dos command set

The current contents of a sample preference file is below. These may be changed upon advice from customer support. Only the bold values can be adjusted for some of the italic fields.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
  <key>PrivateCloudKey</key><char>**See Below**</char>

There are some parameter that you may need to edit manually and only if instructed by AMS support.

  • LocalTimeZone - if the postgres server time zone is set differently than your local time, or if you have offices that span multiple time zones, you can indicate the timezone of the local machine (postgres format) and any tmestamps that are marked as time zone capable will be adjusted automatically to local time.
  • PrivateCloudKey - if you are using the AMS private cloud server, your connection key is set up for you following the AMS Cloud Login Process
  • DatabaseTLSRequired - indicates if a really secure TLS 1.2 connection to the database is preferred or mandatory. Theatre Manager always attempted a TLS 1.2 connection to the database server and would fallback if unable to do so. Change this setting to:
    • 0 - for an optional TLS connection if instructed by AMS support because your workstation cannot connect via TLS (see sample error message to right) and you have already tried downloading and re-installing the latest TM
    • 1 - for a required TLS connection which is the default for all cloud clients. All venues should use if possible.

For reference, the preferences file for the TM Second Gen Server is located via the link