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Starting and Stopping Theatre Manager

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Theatre Manager consists of a few components that may be on one or more servers. It is a good idea to start and stop then in the appropriate order. If you do not and something is not working, then the best approach is to start at the beginning and perform the steps in the suggested order.

Order to Start Up components

Start the various server components of Theatre Manager in the following order:

  1. The postgres database server and apache servers are independent of each other. You can really start them in any order you want. They must all be running before you can start Theatre Manager on any machines.
  2. Start Theatre Manager Server running
  3. Allow other Theatre Manager users to log in on their machines or to connect to terminal services if using it remotely

Order to Stop components

Generally, you stop the components of Theatre Manage in the reverse order that you start it up.

  1. Have all users quit Theatre Manager on all workstations
  2. Stop Theatre Manager Server running
  3. Shut down or restart postgres and apache server in any order you wish.