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Gala or Fundraiser Ticketing

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Theatre Manager can help with many aspects of your fundraiser or Gala. Selling a Gala ticket that includes a portion of the ticket as a donation is a key first step.

An Event in Theatre Manager only tracks ticket revenue. Donations are entered separately from an Event. Here a few tricks to selling a full price Gala ticket that includes a portion as a donation both in the Box Office and on the Internet.

For this example,we will be assuming a full price Gala ticket price of $125.00, which includes a

$100 donation and $25 event ticket.

Event Setup

  • Create a reserved or general admission Gala/fundraiser Event
  • Price the Event with a full price ticket at $125.00
  • Make two Sales Promotions:
    • One with NO discount, available at the Box Office and Internet called ‘Gala Ticket’ (Example: $125.00)
    • One with a discount to bring the value of the ticket to ‘event only.’ Pricing, and available at the Box Office only called ‘Gala Event’ (Example: $25.00)

Selling the Gala Ticket

Internet For tickets sold on the Internet, only allow the full price gala ticket (Example - $125.00)
  • Patron selects the Gala event online
  • Buys the full price ticket(s),
  • Checks out and pays for their Gala ticket(s)

Box office staff will have some manual processing after - refer to the bottom of this web page.

Box Office For tickets sold at the Box Office, allow the Gala ticket and Gala event ticket (Example: $125.00, $25.00)
  • Buy one or more gala event ticket(s) at the discounted value. (Example: $25.00)
  • Add a donation to the order (Example: $100.00)
  • Take a payment (Example: $125.00)

Post Processing Online Ticket Sales to assign Donation

For tickets sold online, the box office will need to convert the higher full-price ticket to:

  • the normal ticket price
  • and add a donation
This exchange can be done from the Attendance Tab of the Gala Event setup. The best way to do this is to look for Patrons who have paid full price for their Gala ticket (Example: $125.00) and handle a ticket exchange from the full price ticket to an Event ticket (Example: $25.00) and a donation (Example: $100.00).

From the Gala Event Attendance Tab

  • Sort by price and then patron
  • Select all ticket(s) for ONE patron sold at the higher price
  • Right Click and CHANGE PRICE of the ticket(s)
    • Pick the Gala event price (Example: $25.00). This will create a credit balance on the order for the patron. (Example: $100.00
  • Add a donation to the order for the value of the credit (Example: $100.00)
    • (optionally) Insert the Gala Event in the Event field found on the Notes Tab of the Donation.
  • Repeat the above steps for each patron until all tickets are now the lower price and donations have been added.