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How To Troubleshoot Ticket Printer Offline Message

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One of the most common issues experienced by clients in regards to the Ticket Printer Error Code, is the Ticket Printer Offline Error message. This can be caused by an error between your device or computer and the printer. Sometimes it may be as simple as your cable not being correctly attached or a simple error coming from a paper jam.

Things to Look at for when Troubleshooting Ticket Printer Offline Message

  • Does the printer have power or is it turned on:

    The power cable might not be connected securely or the printer might not be powered on.

  • Is the ethernet cable connected to the network:

    Ensure that the printer is connected properly to the network via an ethernet cable.

  • Has the printers IP address changed:

    Print the built in test ticket from the printer to see what IP address is assigned and compare it with the Device Detail settings in Theatre Manager.

    To print the built in test ticket showing printer settings on a

    Practical Automation Printer:

    • power down the ticket printer
    • hold the F0 button while powering up the printer, and
    • keep holding the button until the test ticket prints.

    Microcom Printer

    • press the Print button on the display.
    Ticket printers must have Fixed IP addresses. If your network is setup to use DHCP, you will need to reserve this fixed IP address for a ticket printer.

  • Does another Printer have the same IP:

    It could be possible that a laser or inkjet printer was recently added to the network and it was given the same fixed IP address as the ticket printer. IF both have the same IP address, then one won't work.

  • Are the IP and Port entered correctly in Theatre Manager:

    Ensure that the IP and Port are entered correctly, go Setup >> System Tables >> Devices and open the Device Detail settings in Theatre Manager If the IP address matches what's in Theatre Manager, move onto the next step. If the IP address doesn't match what's in Theatre Manager, the printer configuration may need to be updated. Changing the IP address is different for a Practical Autmoation printer verses a Microcom printer.

  • Did the printer stop printing part way through a batch:

    Issues related to the number of tickets printed during a batch print and its built in memory limitations, could cause a printer to go offline. You might need to increase the print delay or set limits to batch sizes.

If you are still experiencing issues it may be due to a network issue in the office. You can try replacing the network cable and follow up with your IT Support.