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What Is Growl?

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VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Growl in no longer supported on OSX or Windows.

On OSX, if you enable notifications, they will use apple script to send a note to the 'notification centre'.

There is no replacement for Windows (yet)

Please review Version 9.00 release notes which describes Growl with the following information:

We have integrated Growl Notification into Theatre Manager so that meeting reminders, task alarms and some system notifications will show a passive window that appears for a few seconds and then fades away. This feature can be enabled and disabled on a per employee basis. Notifications will still appear in the notification window. The purpose of growl is to allow the notification window to get buried, yet the user will receive a small hint that there is something significant to deal with.

If you are being asked to upgrade Growl on your machine to a newer version, is it ok to upgrade it without harming Theatre Manager.

Growl for windows apparently needs .net 2, which should install automatically. You can get the latest growl at the growl web site if you need it.

If growl will not work on your machine, then please disable it in employee preferences