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Notifications are part of the Facility Management module. They are different from the similarly named workflow notifications.

When you look at the Calendar, they show the time, task title and participant(s) and they show the participant status.

Status can be set by the user (that is, you talk to the person and they confirm) or the task can be sent to the patron via email.

  • Emails are sent to participants via the email address assigned to them in the Patron Manager. For example: Theare Manager sends the .ici file to Jenny Aster.
  • When she adds it to her calendar and responds Yes she will do the task, the .ics file will automatically comeback and update Theatre Manager saying she has accepted the task.
  • The calendar is updated to display those who have accepted their invitiations.

    Click here to see how notifications for from Theatre Manager to the staff member, volunteer or patron in the database.

You can open the  Notification window any time via Patron Sales >> Pending Notifications. There are other circumstances detailed below that may cause the Notification window to be displayed.

Some of the items below may also appear in OSX Notification Centre as well (if enabled in preferences).

The Notifications window displays 4 types of information:

startup warnings At startup, several warnings can display, including whether backups have been running properly, whether the credit card server can be connected to, or whether there are Email responses back from volunteers or task participants that need to be responded to. Except for the line indicating that there are Email responses waiting, these only display when logging in.

Click here for more information on General Startup Warnings.

Information about tasks assigned to you The Notification window will also tell you when certain events occur relating to your association with a task. If you have been included as a task participant in some task and you have not responded.

Click here for more information on Tasks Assigned to you.

Letters or Emails The notification window displays the information about:
  • Letters or Emails to Be Sent
  • Letters or Emails - waiting for response

Click here for a full description of how Notifications can tell you more about Letters or emails.

Information about volunteers you have scheduled or are working on scheduling. There are a number of different notifications around volunteers. These include:
  • Unsent notifications
  • Awaiting response
  • Task Notifications
  • New responses

Click here for a full description of Volunteer Notifications.