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The calendar window displays a lot of data in a limited amount of space and has powerful filtering features that make it "Command Central" for managing and viewing tasks, performances, volunteer activities and projects.

The 'trick' is to get the calendar to display in may ways so that it provides you with the results/information you need - like a Rubik's Cube®, with the sides being:

  • date, people, resources, venues
  • Week view, month view, people view, venue view
  • Not everyones will be the same as it depends on what you want to see.
Standard Calendar Views

Click here, to see what the calendar looks like in these views.

  1. Day
  2. Week
  3. 2 Week
  4. 4 Week
  5. Month
Facility Management Calendar View

Click here, to see what the calendar looks like in these views.

1. Venues- Shows what is going on in the selected venue.
2. Resources - Is a particular resource (e.g. Projector) available
3. Employees /Personnel - Is the particular employee available (to avoid double booking) 
4. Volunteers - Specific jobs, is a volunteer booked for a required role

To navigate through the calendars is as simple as clicking a button to change the view. Data carries across calendars and will display if the calendar type supports the task type (for example, a task must have a venue associated with it to appear on a venue calendar).