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Manage Volunteers

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When a volunteer is scheduled for an event / play or other activity, a record is created showing if they have responded or not. Responses have an initial status, you set up under Setup>>Company Preferences - Meeting Server : Default Acceptance Status for Invitations.

Values you can choose are:

  • Needs invitation - an Email invitation is expected to go out.
  • Don't ever invite - you are using some means other than Email to let them know about the volunteer opportunity and Email will not be sent.

Click here for more information on the Meeting Server.

When an Email is sent, it includes an industry-standard iCalendar attachment along with the information on the volunteer opportunity and instructions for responding.

When the recipient double-clicks on the attachment, their default calendar application opens and the event added to their calendar. It then give them the opportunity to:

  • Accept
  • Decline
  • Mark the appointment as tentative

When they make their selection, their calendar sends an Email response back to Theatre Manager that updates the database.

To open the Manage Volunteer window, select menu item Patron Sales>>Manage Volunteers.

In the Manage Volunteers window you can view all states of outstanding volunteer activities and manage reminders and statuses.