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What is a Facility Management Project?

A Project:

  • Is a way to group tasks together and create relationships between the various tasks that make up that project.
  • Can be as simple as somebody booking a conference room at your facility or as complicated as bringing in a Broadway show and including all the builds and move-ins and resources associated with it.
  • Can be billed to a particular client and an invoice created.
  • Is displayed in a typical Gantt chart. This way you can see the relationships between the tasks. Individual tasks can be suspended for a period of time

    For example, construction has to stop for a day or two while a rehearsal happens.

  • Relationships can be established between different tasks so one cannot start until the previous one is completed

    For example, or two tasks must begin or end at the same time or on the same day.

  • When you look at this window, down the left side - in what is called the tree list - are the tasks. The Gantt chart on the right shows the tasks, linked together. It shows that task A needs to be complete before you start task B.

    Each of the tasks can be further grouped within the Gantt chart.

    For instance, all the build tasks can be grouped under Construction, or all of the production meetings can be put under a group titled Meetings.

    If you find that you have projects that follow a particular pattern, you can create a project to use as a template with the basics filled in. When you need to create a projecte of this type, duplicate the project template and modify it accordingly.