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  • References include accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive information
  • Tutorials and How-To guides are led by needs of the user, Reference material is led by the product it describes
  • Although reference should not attempt to show how to perform tasks, it can and often needs to include a description of how something works or the correct way to use it
  • Examples of Reference material are Dictionaries, Encyclopedias or Glossaries
  • Software examples of Reference material are API documentation, class documentation or function documentation

Forgot Password Activity Log

This window shows a log containing a patron's forgotten password behaviour. The entries in the log are curated from:

Resource Reports

Following is a list and a description of the Resource reports.
Resource Shipping Manifest - Patron A shipping manifest report, grouped by patron, that breaks out what patron purchased what item(s) and the mailing address to ship the item to.
Resource Shipping Manifest - Resource A shipping manifest report, grouped by resource, that breaks out what resource item has been purchased the patron's mailing address to ship the item to.

QuickBooks Online

For step by step instructions on importing CSV or Excel files into QuickBooks, visit QuickBooks Support at Import Journal Entries in QuickBooks Online.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 exports a tab-delimited text file containing an export line for each detail line within the G/L Entry. The deposit and sales posting are combined and exported within the same export file. This allows an exact match of each G/L Entry to crossover into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 accounting software (line for line).

Report Context Menu

You can right click on a report to:
  • Select all data in the report. You can also drag select the areas you are interested in
  • Copy the a selection of text that you can then paste into another application like Word or Excel
  • Show the Page List on the left side of the report as thumb nails
  • Zoom to:
    • 100% - show the page full size

Using Search in Reports

You can search for text in a completed report by typing text into the text area and hitting tab or enter. You will see that words highlight in the report and the number of matches within the report

If there are multiple text matches, you can use the next and previous buttons to find the next and previous match.

If you would like, you can do a Case Sensitive match where text in the document must match the case of the search words.


Patron Selection

This option only applies only to creating a mail list.


Adding people to a mail list

When Searching for patrons to ADD to a mail list, this set of checkboxes allows you to decide if the patron you get is the:

Emails associated with Mail List

This window shows which emails are associated to this mail list for the purposes of allowing the user to unsubscribe from the mail list.
For mails to appear in this list, they MUST have been sent out using and unsubscribe list in the form letter merge.

You can:


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