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  • References include accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive information
  • Tutorials and How-To guides are led by needs of the user, Reference material is led by the product it describes
  • Although reference should not attempt to show how to perform tasks, it can and often needs to include a description of how something works or the correct way to use it
  • Examples of Reference material are Dictionaries, Encyclopedias or Glossaries
  • Software examples of Reference material are API documentation, class documentation or function documentation

Tab Delimited

Tab Delimited Export Format

TM Tab Delimited File format works with most accounting packages and with Microsoft Excel.

Microcom Ticket Printers

Artsman's Exclusive Thermal Ticket Printer Provider - Microcom

Artsman is proud to partner with Microcom to provide thermal ticket printing solutions, which are optimized for the ticketing market. Their heavy duty metal design and reliable mechanics will provide years of continuous, low maintenance printing. For more information and current pricing, please contact Artsman Sales.

Queued document detail

If you view the document detail for a report in the queue, you can:
  • Change the report name and description
  • View the criteria that was used to create the report
  • View the actual report itself using the View button
  • Cause the report to run (if it was stalled) or run again using the Run Button

Viewing Queued Reports

Queued reports can be viewed or run from the main report window by clicking the Queue tab. when you do that, you will see a list with your queued reports below.

You can queue up some of your reports which will run them on the report server (or locally as described below is the report server is not set up) and return the results to you. The window (below) lets you manage reports that you have previously created and set to run.

Tag Groups

Tag groups are ways to conveniently group a number of different tags that you want to associate with records.

Tag Types allow you group or classify the tags in the tag setup tables



The gender table contains the following genders as a minimum. You may add more if there are options that you need for your venue. For example, we have heard that some students are now indicating that the 'Prefer not to Say'.

Access groups

Security levels or Access groupings define functional groups of people as per the examples in the screen below. These access groups can be
  • As broad as a department
  • As specific as a person or two

To use this feature, you need to do three things:

Using Saved Criteria

If you previously saved some criteria using the Save button on the criteria window, you can retrieve it using the Saved Criteria button.

When you see a list of criteria, just double click on the one you want to use.

You can also rename the criteria by selecting one in the list and using the rename button.

Volunteer Hour Ranges

The Volunteer Hour Ranges code table Used to summarize volunteer hours in the Volunteer Hour Summary Report.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.


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