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Facility Resource Sub Groups

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Resource Sub Groups are sub categories of resources within a resource group in Theatre Manager's Facility Management module. Resources can be grouped under different headings. The default heading in Theatre Manager is the Generic Resource.

Click for more information about Resources, Resources, Inventory and Merchandise. The default setting in Theatre Manager is the Generic group. Other groups can be added as needed.

Resource Sub Groups are intended to be sub-classification within a resource group when items are sold online. For example, a resource group of Merchandise might have subgroups like

  • Men's t-shirts
  • Womens t-shirts
  • Hat's
When inventory resources are assigned to the subgroup, they are lumped together online making it easier for people to buy something. In the Men's t-shirts example, all items in that category will be lumped together and a pop-up will show the sizes and colours so that all a patron has to do is select the size.

i.e. there is one Men's t-shirts with a bunch of sizes/colours on the web pages.

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