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Transaction Types

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The Transaction Types Code Table is a system table and cannot be changed. The values found here are a list of all the possible types of transactions that can be created and found in Theatre Manager. The result value is the actual transaction name, while the lookup value is a short form that is usually found on transaction reports, or inside the patron transaction tab. If you come across a transaction lookup value that you don't recognize, visit this code table to find its definition.

The Transaction type Values are:

Code Value Transaction Description Type Sort Key


AC Patron Card Viewed by Authorized User N audit
ACR Coupon Redeemed N audit
AEI Patron Change-Internet N patron
AIT IT system notification N audit
ALI User logged in N audit
ALM Email password to user N audit
ALO User logged out N audit
ALX Lockout/multiple failed PW attempts N audit
AM Patron Merged N patron
AP Audit of Pricing/Promotion Setup Changes N audit
APD Audit of non deposited payment deleted N audit
AS Patron Added N patron
ASI Patron Added-Internet N patron
AT Audit of Operator Over-Rides N audit

CREDIT CARD (No longer supported after Version 6)

COU Credit Card Fee Over/Under Y credit
CRD Credit Received Deduction Y credit
CS Credit Card Fee Y credit
CTF Credit Card Fee Transfer From Patron N credit
CTT Credit Card Fee Transfer To Patron N credit


DEF Donation Exchange From Y donation
DET Donation Exchange To Y donation
DR Donation Refund Y donation
DRB Donation Benefit Refund Y donation
DRC Donation Soft Credit Refund Y donation
DS Donation Y donation
DSB Donation Benefit Y donation
DSC Donation Soft Credit Y donation
DTF Donation Transfer From Patron N donation
DTT Donation Transfer To Patron N donation
DU Donation Unprint N donation
DUR Donation Reprint N donation


FEF Facility Management Exchange From Y facility
FET Facility Management Exchange To Y facility
FR Facility Management Refund Y facility
FS Facility Management Sale Y facility
FTF Facility Management Transfer From Patron N facility
FTT Facility Management Transfer To Patron N facility


MEF Pass/G.C. Exchange From Y membership
MET Pass/G.C. Exchange To Y membership
MR Pass/G.C. Refund Y membership
MRB Pass/G.C. Benefit Y membership
MRR Pass/G.C. Manual Redemption Y membership
MS Pass/G.C Y membership
MSR Pass/G.C. Redeemed For Y membership
MTF Pass/G.C. Transfer From Patron N membership
MTT Pass/G.C. Transfer To Patron N membership


OEF Order Fee Exchange From Y fees
OET Order Fee Exchange To Y fees
OR Order Fee Refund Y fees
OS Order Fee Sale Y fees
OTF Order Fee Transfer From Patron N fees
OTT Order Fee Transfer To Patron N fees


PD Payment Post Dated Y payments
PDD Payment Post Dated Deposited Y payments
PDR Payment Post Dated Refund Y payments
POF Payment Move From Order Y payments
POT Payment Move To Order Y payments
POU Payment Over/Under Y payments
PT Payment Y payments
PTF Payment Transfer From Patron N payments
PTT Payment Transfer To Patron N payments


RIAD Resource Inventory Adjustment N inventory
RICI Resource Inventory Check In N inventory
RICO Resource Inventory Check Out N inventory
RIEN Resource Inventory Tracking Ended N inventory
RIH Resource Inventory Held N inventory
RIPR Resource Received by patron N inventory
RIR Resource Inventory Released N inventory
RIST Resource Inventory Tracking Started N inventory


REF Resource Exchange From Y resources
RET Resource Exchange To Y resources
RR Resource Refund Y resources
RS Resource Sale Y resources
RTF Resource Transfer From Patron N resources
RTT Resource Transfer To Patron N resources


TEF Ticket Exchange From Y exchanges
TET Ticket Exchange To Y exchanges


TR Ticket Refund Y refunds


TS Ticket Sale Y sales


ACR Coupon Redeemed N misc
TTF Ticket Transfer From Patron N misc
TTT Ticket Transfer To Patron N misc
TU Ticket Unprint N misc


XR Outlet-Donation refunded for another Outlet Y outlet
XS Outlet-Donation sold for another Outlet Y outlet
YR Outlet-Pass/G.C. refunded for another Outlet Y outlet
YS Outlet-Pass/G.C. sold for another Outlet Y outlet
ZEF Outlet-Ticket exchange from for ticket own Y outlet
ZET Outlet-Ticket exchange to for ticket own Y outlet
ZR Outlet-Ticket refund for ticket owned by Y outlet
ZRC Outlet-Commission Payables to Other Outlet Y outlet
ZRS Outlet-Sales Payable to Other Outlet Y outlet
ZS Outlet-Ticket sale on behalf of another Y outlet
ZSC Outlet-Commission A/R from Other Outlet Y outlet
ZSS Outlet-Sales A/R from Another Outlet Y outlet

Click here to download a PDF of the Transaction Types Codes List