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Season Subscription Management

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The Season Subscription module is used for setting up season packages that patron's can subscribe to. When subscribed to a season package, the patron has the ability to pick their favorite seats for each package. These seats remain the same for each performance. Each performance also happens in the same time frame. For example, a patron can subscribe to the first Friday performance of each event, or the second Sunday matinee for each event.

The Season Subscription module allows an organization to:

  • Maintain patron's favorite seats.
  • Maintain various packages of season subscription configurations.
  • Automate the sending and printing of subscription renewal notices.
  • Automate the Booking procedure for Single or Multiple Subscriptions.

The season subscription module provides the organization:

  • A built-in assurance that no two patrons can have the same favorite seat.
  • An automated process can be used to determine the patron's favorite seats.
  • Ability to purge old, unused, or non-renewed patron subscription history and favorite seats.
  • Ability to book tickets for season subscriptions quickly.
  • Ability to release tickets for non-renewed season subscriptions.
  • Ability to release unpaid tickets for a specific performance of a play.

The online help for Season Subscriptions is broken into seven sections:

Setting Up Season Packages Covers:
Selling a Season Subscription The steps to selling using the following options:
  • The favorite seats window - which is used to indicate where the patron prefers to sit and then book a subscription.
  • The Patron record - which is used to show subscriptions and renew one or more at the click of a button.
  • The Order window - which shows any outstanding subscriptions for the patron you are selling single tickets or donations to, and lets you book existing subscriptions by adding them to the order.
  • The Season Package Detail window where you can modify and move subscrptions
  • New subscriptions during the renewal period
Editing a Season Package You can add or change subscriptions in the following areas:
Sending tickets to an outside printer How to export the Ticket Data using:
Print Renewal Notices
  • How to customize the renewal notice
  • How to print renewal notices for one or more patrons from the manage favourite seats window
  • Printing renewal notices for many patrons from the detail window. This can be useful for printing special subscribers, then renewal subscribers, and then reprinting those that missed a deadline.
  • The Tabs in printing notices
Troubleshooting Season Ticket Sales Common errors and what to do to resolve them
The Subscription Windows

Overview of the following windows: