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Overview of the Theatre Manager Workspace

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The Theatre Manager uses a desktop for the standard interface. Think of the desktop as a workspace where you can access everything you need to operate Theatre Manager, such as Donation Management, Facility Management, Patron Management, Mail Lists, etc.

The desktop contains:

A Title Bar  The Name of the application, and within the workspace,  it also contains:
  • Close
  • Minimize
  • Maximize
B Menu Bar is located at the top and includes the titles of the drop down list functions.
C Toolbar / Ribbon contain Icons leading to the most commonly used functions
D Desktop work space
E Function open in the desktop work space
F Status Bar

Other functions available within the Theatre manager workspace are:


Move the mouse pointer around the screen and you'll see popup tooltips that identify what toolbar buttons do.

Right-Click Menus

Right-click menus are found in many of the function windows and bring up a context menu of functions. These can also contain fly-out menus.