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Donation Management

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A Donation would be any item given to an organization without intention of receiving a benefit. Most donors receive a tax receipt for their donation. Donations can be Inserted, Modified, or Deleted depending on the need.

Please refer to Donation Features or see how to deal with various data entry scenarios

Please note that are required to have some system table settings in place before using the donation module. To learn more about Donation System Tables click here.

Accessing Donations

  1. Open the Patron Record.

    For details on locating a Patron Record click here.

  2. Click the Donation tab.

You can download the Quick Reference Guides (less than 20 pages), Cheatsheets (1-2 pages) and Screencasts (online video demonstrations of the functions with narration) by clicking on the icon.


Reference Guide
pdf format

pdf format






Donations Overview

Add a Donation thru the Order Window

Refund a Ticket to a Donation



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Deleting and Refunding Donations