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Outlet Management

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The advantage of the Outlet Edition is that it allows the linking of independent companies into a cohesive consortium to co-promote the sale of individual events. Based on the underpinnings of Theatre Manager's Enterprise Edition, each Outlet will contribute Patron contact information into a single Theatre Manager database. The care and responsibility of the database will be the responsibility of a consortium Master Administrator, and both Outlets must follow specific cross-outlet rules.

All Outlets will have remote access to the common database via Citrix, Windows Terminal Server or some other similar technology. Only limited data is sell tickets for another Outlet, charge commissions of a dollar amount or percentage for those ticket sales, and use common hardware such as an Apache server to minimize investments in duplicate assets.

Examples of who might make use of the Outlet Edition include:

  • A University theatre and the Campus Athletic Centre
  • A major Ticket Centre and a smaller local venue without a full time box office
  • A group of performance venues in a geographic area, serving different genres of events (an opera company, a symphony, a community theatre, a ballet troupe, etc.)
  • Two (or more) organizations sharing a single venue (summer theatre/winter theatre)
  • A dinner theatre with multiple locations
  • And many many more